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Five Things On My Desk

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I always read author Linda Huber‘s blog. She posts some fascinating insights into her life in Switzerland and “behind the scenes” looks at her books, as well as interesting features such as the A-Z of book titles. This week, she posted about the five most important things on her desk and asked, what was on our desks? Well, Linda, you did ask … You can read Linda’s post here. It made me look around at the things I surround myself with every day, and I thought why not share them with you?


I always have a drink nearby when I’m working. There’s usually a bottle of water on my desk and it’s very rare that I don’t have a cup of tea to hand, too. My husband is very good about bringing me up a good, strong mug of Yorkshire Tea at regular intervals. I have lots of mugs that are “mine”. In fact, our kitchen cupboard is stacked high with them. This one’s my Bramblewick mug, as it bears the image I used for the front cover of the Bramblewick Volume 3 paperback. See also my Wrendale coaster. I love Wrendale pictures and I do have a bit of a collection of hares building up – pictures, ornaments, notebooks etc, so this is ideal for me.

Five things on my desk 1


Honestly, I’d be useless without my computer glasses. I have three pairs of glasses now: for reading, for computer work and for watching television/distance. These computer glasses have a special anti-glare coating on them and they’re supposed to make working with a screen a lot more comfortable. I haven’t had them long so the jury’s still out. Note the Wrendale glasses case!

Five things on my desk 2


I just love this! I got it for Christmas from my sister, along with the most gorgeous notebook. I have to have it sitting on my desk so I can look at it and pretend I’m a”proper” writer! The truth is, I don’t write much with a pen at all – even the modern-day biros. I make notes in my notebook, but that’s about as much as I can stand. My wrists and fingers start to ache after a while and it’s so much more comfortable and easier to type. Even so, the quill looks sooo pretty!

Five things on my desk 3


My office is full of candles! I have lots of them dotted around on my bookshelves, my desk and my sideboard. Most of them were gifts, but I have been known to treat myself to a Yankee Candle now and then. I love the reed diffusers, too. The one currently scenting my office is Pink Sands, but I’ve got the Midnight Jasmine one ready and waiting to go and I have the candles to match. Just gorgeous.

Five things on my desk 4


Well, you can’t say I’ve ever hidden the fact that I love Doctor Who, can you? And the Eleventh Doctor is my absolute favourite, so I keep a little model of him on my desk to inspire me and to pick me up when I’m feeling low. This shows him in full ‘I am The Doctor so don’t mess with me!’ mode, and always makes me smile. When in doubt, ask, ‘What would The Doctor do?’ One thing’s for sure, he/she never gives up! What’s more inspiring than that?

Five Things on My Desk 5

So now you know! Obviously, I have lots of other stuff on my desk – a lamp, a printer, an in-tray, bookmarks, business cards, planner, mouse mat and mouse, and loads of junk that really, really shouldn’t be there at all. But these are the five things I always look to and the things I’d never hide away in a cupboard or drawer.

What’s on your desk?

Have a great week!


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  1. lindahuber

    Another computer glasses fan – they make such a difference, don’t they? Your desk looks a whole lot tidier than mine, too!

    1. sharon

      No it really doesn’t Linda! Careful and strategically set-ups! 😂 I really need to sort it out. One day … x

      1. lindahuber

        Still better than mine – I had to take my strategic set-ups to the dining room table… 😂

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