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Will of the Witch ~ The Witches of Castle Clair 4

The St Clair sisters, Keely, Harley, and Romy are mysteriously invited to an island off the Cornish coast as guests of Meri Kittow – an old lady they’ve never met.

Upon arrival they discover they’re not the only ones to have been summoned, when they meet the Castle Clair family members they never knew existed. Zephyr Ambrose, leader of the High Council of Witches, has also been invited, and he couldn’t be more dismayed to find himself on a boat with a whole bunch of St Clairs. To their alarm they discover they’re unable to leave the island. Then three new guests arrive, deepening the mystery.

Lowen Ericson is just an ordinary solicitor based in the Cornish tourist town of Gerrenporth. He doesn’t believe in witches or magic, and as far as he’s concerned he’s simply visiting the island to deliver some legal papers. But within hours of his arrival, he and Keely make some discoveries that challenge everything he thought he knew, opening his eyes to a world he’s never dreamed of. Lowen must set aside his old beliefs because Keely needs his help. And she’s not the only one…

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Winter Wishes at The White Hart Inn ~ Tuppenny Bridge 1 (Out October 24th 2022) 

This is my brand-new series set in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales market town of Tuppenny Bridge, nestling by the lower reaches of the River Skimmer.

The first book in the series will delight fans of the How the Other Half Lives series, as it follows the story of Sally Fletcher and Rafferty Kingston. What happened to them after that ill-fated family holiday in the Highlands last Christmas? 

One of Rafferty’s wishes may have come true – to run his own pub – but what about the other one he made on the Wishing Stone on Filey Brigg?

Are Sally and Rafferty still just good friends? Or has love finally flourished at The White Hart Inn?

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His Lawful Wedded Witch ~ The Witches of Castle Clair 5 (Out January 25th 2023)

Still reeling from the events of the spring, the St Clairs plan to lie low and come to terms with their new reality, but it’s not long before they receive another invitation. And this time it’s more like a summons. Soon they are heading to Ballydraiocht in Ireland, as guests of the esteemed O’Brien family. But who are the O’Briens? And why are they suddenly so interested in the St Clairs?

While Lowen and Keely try to deal with the life-shattering truths they are facing, and Romy frets about how to explain all this to her blissfully ignorant boyfriend, Johnnie, Harley has her own problems. 

The man who broke her heart, Killian Ryan, is also in Ballydraiocht, and what he has to tell her will shake her to the core.

But if the St Clairs think Killian’s secret is the most surprising thing they’ll have to deal with they’re about to get the biggest shock of their lives…

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