Hello! I'm Sharon. Welcome to my website.

Please make yourself at home. 

I write contemporary romance and women’s fiction, with stories set in pretty villages and market towns, by the sea or in the countryside.

I love all my characters, and I guarantee my heroes – male and female – a happy ending. I just make them work for it a bit first! 

I also write about the magical St Clair family. So far I’ve published three books about the sister witches of Castle Clair in North Yorkshire. I’ll be exploring a different branch of the family in future books. 

Whether you choose magical or non-magical books, you’ll find that all my stories feature lots of humour, romance and friendship. So if you want to be on a farm in the Dales or  a stately home near the coast,  casting spells with witches or sipping drinks in a seaside pub, curled up in a cottage or walking among castle ruins, there’s a Sharon Booth series just right for you.

Happy reading!

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