Sharon Booth: What I Did at 50

I thought long and hard before writing this post for Tracey Scott-Townsend’s lovely blog. Was I being too honest? Was this post too downbeat? I’d read some of the other posts in this feature and those guests seemed to have done so much more with their lives than I had – fabulous careers, plenty of travel. I felt I couldn’t compete with that. Then I thought, what if there’s someone out there who is feeling as low and as hopeless as I felt back then? What if, by reading my story, just one person realises that it’s never too late to turn your life around? What if I bring hope to just one single person? Isn’t that worth it? So here’s my story. I hope it brings comfort to someone out there. xx

Traces In Time

Tracey: I’m thrilled to welcome Sharon Booth onto my blog today, in a continuation of my ‘What I did at 50’ series. I’m enjoying these stories so much, and Sharon’s story is particularly moving and hopeful. Welcome, Sharon!


Sharon Booth

Sharon: Thank you for inviting me to your blog, Tracey.


Well, I was the typical bookworm. I spent every spare moment I had reading. My favourite Christmas presents were always the Enid Blyton books that my parents bought for me without fail (usually a bundle of three – exciting times!) and I practically lived in the local library. My pocket money went on books, too. If I wasn’t buying novels, I was buying notebooks, because it had already occurred to me that it might be a good idea to start writing my own stories. I can’t tell you how many “Chapter Ones” I wrote, but I do…

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Then and Now: Fighting Off the Dreaded Comparisonitis #amwriting

Question: What's the most dangerous condition a writer can have? Answer: Comparisonitis. Never heard of it? Lucky you. It's a horrible condition which saps the joy from your life, destroys your confidence, and leaves you feeling like a total failure, even if you've got plenty to celebrate and be proud of.   When I hear …

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