Five Photos … with Christina Garbutt

My guest today is novelist Christina Garbutt. Christina and I both attended the Romantic Novelists' Association annual conference in July but, unfortunately, we didn't get to meet, which is a shame. Like me, Christina has written pocket novels for DC Thomson and, also like me, she is partial to chocolate muffins. Unlike me, however, she …

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Why I Love Yorkshire: Guest post by Sharon Booth

I’m delighted to be the guest on Tracey Scott-Townsend’s blog today, explaining why I set my books in Yorkshire.

Traces In Time

I’m happy to welcome author Sharon Booth onto my website today. She tells us all about why Yorkshire is so important in her life, and why it inevitably found its way into all of her novels. Make yourself a cup of Yorkshire tea and sit back and enjoy a taste of Yorkshire, with Sharon.

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Sharon Booth

All my novels are set in Yorkshire. It wasn’t meant to be that way. When I was writing my first full-length novel, There Must Be an Angel, I had originally intended to set it in Glastonbury. It was on a journey to Somerset, after all, that the first three characters popped into my head, and it was while wandering the streets of the mystical town that I began to plot out their stories.

Somehow, though, as the months went on, I began to feel that my characters just weren’t settled in the location…

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