Will of the Witch

The Witches of Castle Clair 4


There’s no such thing as coincidence…

The St Clair sisters, Keely, Harley, and Romy are mysteriously invited to an island off the Cornish coast as guests of Meri Kittow – an old lady they’ve never met.

Upon arrival, they discover they’re not the only guests when they meet the Castle Clair family members they never knew existed, who have also been summoned. So has Zephyr Ambrose, leader of the High Council of Witches, who couldn’t be more dismayed to find himself on a boat with a whole bunch of St Clairs.

Before long it becomes clear that, though they may not know anything about their hostess, she knows a surprising amount about them. Intrigue turns to alarm when the witches discover they’re unable to leave the island. Then three new guests arrive and one of them has worrying news.

The mystery is growing, the clock is ticking, and with the supply of chocolate chip muffins fast running out it’s every witch for herself. The St Clairs need to figure out what’s going on before they all turn feral.

Just who is Meri Kittow? And what exactly does she want from the St Clairs?