Welcome to the World of the St Clairs

This is my first series featuring members of the St Clair family. This particular branch lives in Castle Clair in North Yorkshire – a quirky little market town which is hiding more than its fair share of secrets. Meet Sky, Star and Celeste, and their elder brother Sirius. The St Clair siblings come from a highly-esteemed magical background, but that doesn’t protect them from trouble. In fact, mayhem seems to follow them around, much to the annoyance of the High Council of Witches. With the help of their familiars, Belle, Paypacket and Spirit, not to mention some highly intelligent ravens, and a bit (okay, a lot) of lemon drizzle cake, somehow they muddle through. These books are packed with romance, humour, magic and mystery ~ perfect for fans of Bewitched! 

Watch out for more magical news in the future. The story of the St Clairs is far from over, and you’ll find more romance, humour, magic, and mystery, new familiars, old friends and new, plus some fabulous new settings!