Tuppenny Bridge Series

Welcome to the beautiful market town of Tuppenny Bridge in the Yorkshire Dales.

Tuppenny Bridge nestles on the lower banks of the River Skimmer, and is best known as the home of renowned Georgian artist Josiah Lavender. To this day, his descendant, Eugenie Lavender, keeps his memory alive in Lavender House, his old home, now a museum and gallery dedicated to his life and work.

Each year, the two-day sheep fair brings more visitors pouring into the pretty market place, edged by stone cottages and shops, including The Corner Cottage Bookshop, Cutting it Fine salon, and Pennyfeather’s Wool Shop. With The Lady Dorothy pub at one end of the square, and The White Hart Inn at the other, the market place is always busy, especially on Wednesdays and Saturdays when the market traders set up stall.

Across the road from The White Hart Inn is the vicarage, and close by All Hallows Church, with its tranquil churchyard – a place to sit and reflect for the town’s residents. Opposite the church stands the “village green”, where many outdoor events takes place such as bonfire night, Christmas carols, and summer fairs. Facing the green stands Stepping Stones, the veterinary surgery, and beyond that is Whispering Willows, the place where so many rescued horses and ponies have found sanctuary. 

There’s so much to explore in Tuppenny Bridge, and so many people to meet, each with their own stories to tell. 

And if they’re not willing to share, you can bet the Lavender Ladies – Eugenie Lavender and her best friends, Birdie and Rita Pennyfeather – will be all too willing to fill you in.


Travel to the Yorkshire Dales and meet the colourful residents of this charming and picturesque market town today!


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