This Other Eden

The Skimmerdale Series

Take a trip to the glorious Yorkshire Dales! Eden is caught in a honey trap, Eliot is having the wool pulled over his eyes, Emerald is planning the wedding from hell – and it’s not her own – and Cain just wants his knighthood! Meet gorgeous sheep farmer Eliot Harland. He lives a quiet life on his farm, Fleetsthorpe, taking care of his three young children alone, since the death of his wife. It’s a simple life, and that’s the way he likes it. But then a young woman arrives at his home, the spoilt princess daughter of ageing rock star, Cain Carmichael. She brings with her all the baggage of her crazy family – and a very big secret. Life in Skimmerdale will never be the same again …

This Other Eden

Eden Robinson was living a quiet, if dull, sort of life, until the fateful day her world collided with that of Honey Carmichael, spoilt daughter of seventies’ rock god Cain Carmichael.
Three years later, working for the Carmichaels in their Cotswolds home, Eden is wondering where it all went wrong, and how much worse things can get. A few hours later she gets her answer when, after an ill-judged kind gesture leads to a major mistake and only one escape route, she finds herself agreeing to head up to the Yorkshire Dales to care for the motherless children of sheep farmer, Eliot Harland.
Her summer in Skimmerdale is far from easy, as Eden navigates the supermarket with three young children in tow, confronts her fear of horses, and learns the pecking order in the cake tent at the local show – all while dealing with a double identity, a jealous family friend, and a charming blackmailer.
But as summer draws to a close Eden faces her toughest challenge yet. The man she loves has no idea who she really is, and it seems she’s left it too late to tell him. Can she escape the Honey trap in time, or will this sheep farmer discover he’s had the wool pulled over his eyes?

What readers are saying about This Other Eden

“A hugely entertaining jaunt of a novel through the Yorkshire dales.” 
“This story, set against the backdrop of sheep farming in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales is a must read.” 
“Deception, laughs and romance with a few little twists and of course the Yorkshire Dales would not be complete without sheep and a sexy farmer.”