There Must Be an Angel

There Must Be an Angel ~ Kearton Bay 1

When Eliza Jarvis discovers her TV presenter husband, Harry, has been playing away with tabloid darling Melody Bird, her perfect life crumbles around her ears.

Desperate to get away, she heads to the North Yorkshire coastal village of Kearton Bay in search of the father she never knew, with only her three-year-old daughter and a family-sized bag of Maltesers for company.

Eliza is determined to find the man who abandoned her mother and discover the reason he left them to their fate. All she has to go on is his name–Raphael–but in such a small place there can’t be more than one angel, can there?

Gabriel Bailey may have the name of an angel but he’s not feeling very blessed. In fact, the way his life’s been going he doesn’t see how things can get much worse.

Then Eliza arrives with her flash car and designer clothes, reminding him of things he’d rather forget, and he realises that if he’s to have any kind of peace she’s one person he must avoid at all costs.

With the help of a Wiccan landlady, and a quirky, pink-haired café owner, Eliza’s soon on the trail of her missing angel, but her investigations lead her straight into Gabriel’s path.

As her search takes her deeper into the heart of his family, Eliza begins to realise that she’s in danger of hurting those she cares about deeply.

Is her quest worth it?

And is the angel she’s seeking really the one she’s meant to find?