The Witches of Castle Clair

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The Witches of Castle Clair books feature the St Clairs, and the first three in the series concern the branch of the family who live in Castle Clair in North Yorkshire – a quirky little market town which is hiding more than its fair share of secrets. Meet Sky, Star, and Celeste, and their elder brother Sirius. The St Clair siblings come from a highly-esteemed magical background, but that doesn’t protect them from trouble. In fact, mayhem seems to follow them around, much to the annoyance of the High Council of Witches. With the help of their familiars, Belle, Paypacket, and Spirit, not to mention some highly intelligent ravens, and a bit (okay, a lot) of lemon drizzle cake, somehow they muddle through.

But things take a more serious turn one Christmas Eve night, when an old family prophecy begins to unfold. The St Clairs are in serious danger, and they need help. But will they place their trust in the right person? 

These books are packed with romance, humour, magic and mystery!

In the second half of the series we’re introduced to another branch of the family. Keely, Harley, and Romy St Clair have led a very different life to their Castle Clair cousins. They’ve been raised by their mother in the wilds of Northumberland. Their father died when they were very young, and although Romy doesn’t have magic, the twins, Keely and Harley have been taught to suppress and hide their magical abilities. They’ve been warned never to discuss their heritage with anyone. They have no idea Sirius, Star, Celeste, and Sky even exist.

But everything changes when they receive a mysterious invitation from a woman called Meri Kittow. Despite assuring their mother they won’t accept it, they’re soon on their way to Cornwall, where they meet their Castle Clair family, as well as a whole host of other people, who will change their view of the world forever.

In these books there’s still plenty of humour, and romance, but there’s also a twist on old myths and legends, and a look at the wider world of magic and mystery! You’ll meet new characters, catch up with some old friends, welcome some new familiars, and be taken on a journey that will shock, surprise, and delight you!

As if all that wasn’t enough, there will be a spin-off series, which follows some of the St Clairs, along with a variety of new characters, as they embark on a quest that will see them encounter puzzles, intrigue, and danger – but there will always be humour, love, and friendship, guaranteed!