The Bramblewick Series

The Bramblewick series features the lives, loves and neighbours of staff in a small medical practice in a village on the North York Moors.


New Doctor at Chestnut HouseNew Doctor at Chestnut House

“Her books are fast becoming my favourite reason for not doing the housework!” 

“Really enjoyed this, a lovely, gentle read. Well drawn characters, especially Gracie. Well written with no fluffy padding to draw out the story line. Loved it.” 

“Loved this book from start to finish. Still smiling and feeling very upbeat.”

Is home a place—or a person?
Anna’s about to leave Bramblewick behind. She’s due to marry her childhood sweetheart in a few weeks, and then she’ll be heading to Kent and a whole new life.
Connor’s a new arrival in Bramblewick. He’s bringing with him a whole lot of baggage, and he’s doubtful that this small village on the Yorkshire Moors is the ideal place for him and his daughter, Gracie.
It’s not easy for Anna, watching Connor move into her family home and take over from her beloved father at the local surgery, but she’s determined to help him settle in and adjust to rural life, so that the villagers get the doctor they deserve.
Connor’s not convinced. This country practice is very different to what he’s used to, and the locals have some strange expectations of their GP. Protective of Gracie and hiding behind self-constructed barriers, Connor struggles to adapt to life in Bramblewick. Can Anna convince him that this is the place where he and Gracie can finally find happiness?
And can she convince herself that leaving Bramblewick is the right move for her?


Christmas at the Country PracticeChristmas at the Country Practice

“I read this in one sitting I just couldn’t put it down ,a cozy warm feeling for Christmas time.” 

“Booth’s ability to immerse her readers in her character’s life even when they’re highly flawed is unique.” 

“If you are looking for a romantic, festive treat, in a beautiful Yorkshire location, then you couldn’t do better than Christmas at the Country Practice.” 

Christmas has arrived in Bramblewick, along with plenty of snow and festive good cheer. The village is gearing up for the Christmas Eve wedding of popular GP Connor Blake, and much-loved receptionist Anna.
At the Bramblewick Surgery, a new GP, Riley MacDonald, is working alongside Connor, and he’s proving to be highly efficient and organised.
When Nell Williamson, proprietor of Spill the Beans café and bakery in the village, first sets eyes on Riley, it’s love at first sight. Nell has always believed that she would know “the one” when she met him, and she’s convinced that Riley is the man she’s been waiting for.
Riley, on the other hand, is a hardened cynic. Having survived a humiliating broken engagement, he’s keeping well away from relationships, and is confused by Nell’s attentions.
Her every attempt to attract him pushes him further away, convincing her friends she’s on a hiding to nothing, even though he turns into a clumsy mess whenever Nell’s around. Deciding she’s a control freak who should be avoided at all costs, Riley makes a serious error of judgement which could cost her dearly.
As Christmas approaches, best man Riley and bridesmaid Nell are further apart than ever.
Can the two of them reach an understanding before their friends’ big day, or will it be the most awkward wedding in Bramblewick’s history?


Fresh Starts at Folly FarmFresh Starts at Folly Farm

“I love the Bramblewick stories – actually, all Ms. Booth’s books – and this one I thought was especially touching” 

“My favourite of the Bramblewick series.” 

“I have read all of Sharon’s previous stories and this ranks as one of my favourites.” 

“This story is pure emotion. Sharon Booth never ceases to amaze me.”

Rachel Johnson has returned to her childhood home in Bramblewick, a small village on the North York Moors. Taking up a position as practice nurse at the village surgery, Rachel hopes she can rebuild her own life, and provide a better life for her young son, Sam.
But Folly Farm isn’t what it used to be. Since the death of Rachel’s father, the spark seems to have disappeared from her mother. No longer a working farm, the place seems neglected and sad.
Sam is clearly resentful of the changes in his life and, after a worrying incident at the school, Rachel fears that the move has come too late, Trying to settle into a new job, aware of her mother’s obvious loneliness, and fretting over the state of the farm on top of everything else, her new start isn’t working out as she’d hoped.
Then, one morning, Rachel’s mother finds a horse in the stables, and life at Folly Farm changes forever.


A Merry Bramblewick ChristmasA Merry Bramblewick Christmas

“Not only does she bring Yorkshire to life, she also writes very real people who love and fight and get on with living despite all.” 

“I love the Bramblewick books and this one didn’t disappoint.”

“Beautifully written, with great settings and scenes by Sharon, and a crisp, engaging, read.”

Switch on those Christmas tree lights and settle down with a hot chocolate. It’s time for another festive trip to beautiful Bramblewick.

Christmas is approaching once again, but the residents of the little village on the North York Moors are almost too busy to notice.

Receptionist Anna is on maternity leave, awaiting the arrival of her baby, while husband Connor and colleague Riley are busy interviewing candidates for the post of third GP at Bramblewick Surgery.

Izzy, meanwhile, is recovering from a broken relationship by focusing her attention on the primary school Christmas play. But even with the help of fellow teacher, Ash Uttridge, she’s beginning to wonder if she’s taken on more than she can cope with.

The weather’s not the only thing getting chilly, either. Having confided in Anna the real reason for her break-up with her ex-boyfriend, Izzy is hurt when her best friend seems suddenly cold towards her. Has she made a mistake trusting Anna, after all?

As Christmas draws nearer and the snow begins to fall, Izzy and Ash develop a warm and growing attraction. But Ash has real concerns about their relationship and, with Anna judging her so harshly, dare Izzy really tell Ash the truth about herself and risk everything they have built so far?


Summer at the Country PracticeSummer at the Country Practice

“A poignant and beautiful addition to a lovely series.”

“A very cleansing experience beautifully written.”

“Jackson’s and Abbie’s story is one of love overcoming insecurities and struggles and proves to us that love really can conquer all.”

The sun is shining on Bramblewick, the little village on the North York Moors.

At Bramblewick Primary School the teachers are preparing for their much-needed break, and Izzy and Ash are busy making wedding plans.

But for their friend and colleague, Jackson Wade, the long summer holiday isn’t so welcome. He’s dreading being alone and is already wondering what he’s going to do with himself until school starts again.

For Dr Abbie Sawdon, the end of term brings a different problem. She’s a single mum with a busy job and three young children to care for. Not only that but she’s just moved into The Gables, a large, rather neglected house on the edge of the village. Her teenage daughter hates it, Abbie’s got no time to work on it, and she’s beginning to wonder if moving to Bramblewick was such a good idea after all.

After mutual friends set Abbie and Jackson up on a blind date, both are adamant that the experience will never be repeated. It’s painfully obvious that they have nothing in common, and Abbie is insulted by Jackson’s less-than-tactful comments regarding her children and home.

But Jackson might just be the answer to Abbie’s problems and, when things reach crisis point at The Gables, she has no choice but to accept his offer of help.

A long and difficult summer lies ahead of them as they negotiate house renovations, boisterous children, lively dogs and a moody teenager. But it’s not all bad, as a christening, an engagement party and a trip to the seaside bring some welcome relief from work. And, as the weeks go by, Jackson and Abbie begin to realise that it’s not just the house that’s in need of tender loving care.

But do some wounds cut too deep to ever heal? You can buy Summer at the Country Practice here.


Bramblewick Volume 1

Bramblewick Volume 1

Volume 1: The paperback omnibus of the first two novels in the Bramblewick series. Contains New Doctor at Chestnut House and Christmas at the Country Practice.


Bramblewick volume 2

Bramblewick Volume 3

Volume 2: The paperback omnibus of the third and fourth novels in the Bramblewick series. Contains Fresh Starts at Folly Farm and A Merry Bramblewick Christmas.

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