Summer Wedding at Wildflower Farm

The Skimmerdale Series

Take a trip to the glorious Yorkshire Dales! Eden is caught in a honey trap, Eliot is having the wool pulled over his eyes, Emerald is planning the wedding from hell – and it’s not her own – and Cain just wants his knighthood! Meet gorgeous sheep farmer Eliot Harland. He lives a quiet life on Wildflower Farm, taking care of his three young children alone, since the death of his wife. It’s a simple life, and that’s the way he likes it. But then a young woman arrives at his home, the spoilt princess daughter of ageing rock star, Cain Carmichael. She brings with her all the baggage of her crazy family – and a very big secret. Life in Skimmerdale will never be the same again …

Summer Wedding at Wildflower Farm

How do you plan a dream wedding for a woman you loathe?

Emerald, the almost-forgotten middle daughter of 1970s rock god, Cain Carmichael, wants one thing: to run a new age retreat. Unfortunately, there’s not much chance of that since she hasn’t got a penny of her own. But when her father humiliates her at her sister Honey’s wedding, she decides it’s time he paid his dues. One thing’s for sure – she’s never going to let him ignore her again.

A desperate Cain strikes a bargain. He’ll set her up in business if she organises a dream wedding for his former employee, Eden Robinson. Emerald despises Eden, the woman she perceives has taken her place in her father’s affections. Not only that, but Eden is marrying the gorgeous Eliot Harland, the only man who Emerald has felt any attraction to for years. If she organises the wedding, Eden has won. But if she doesn’t, she’ll lose her only chance to own a retreat.

Emerald must decide which matters most, her future or revenge.

But as the summer on Wildflower Farm works its magic, she begins to realise there’s something she wants even more…

“With a fabulous feel good ending this book is a joy from start to finish.”