Summer Secrets at Wildflower Farm

Summer Secrets at Wildflower Farm ~ Skimmerdale 1

A lot can happen during one summer in Skimmerdale.


When Eden Robinson takes a job working for 1970s rock god, Cain Carmichael, she has no idea it will lead to her travelling to the Yorkshire Dales, to take care of the three children of farmer, Eliot Harland. Nor could she imagine she’d be living under an assumed name – that of Cain’s wild child daughter, Honey.


A fish out of water, Eden struggles to cope with life in the country, which seems to revolve around sheep, ponies, and the vicar’s wife’s domination of the cake tent at the local show. All this while dealing with a jealous family friend and a charming blackmailer.


But when Eden falls for widower Eliot, things get really complicated. The man she loves has no idea who she really is, and with the entire charade in danger of collapsing, it’s possible she’s left it too late to tell him.


Can she escape the Honey trap in time, or will this sheep farmer realise he’s had the wool pulled over his eyes?