Resisting Mr Rochester

Moorland Heroes Series

Twists on old favourites. Classic tales, Jane Eyre and A Christmas Carol, inspired these contemporary stories. Meet Cara Truelove, a downtrodden young woman who is seriously lacking in self-confidence. Cara’s given up on romance, but when she starts working for brooding Ethan, she’s in danger of falling in love all over again. Can Cara resist Mr Rochester? Kit Carroll’s been away a long time, but now he’s back and in charge at Carroll’s Confectionery Factory. Self-styled PA Marley Jacobs isn’t impressed – particularly since the two were once engaged and Kit abandoned her. As Christmas approaches, Marley realises Kit may need her help in the most unexpected ways. Can she save this modern-day Mr Scrooge? 


Resisting Mr Rochester

A romcom with a gothic twist!
Cara Truelove has always been a romantic, burying her head in books and dreaming of being swept off her feet by her very own Brontë hero. When she was a gullible teenager, she believed boyfriend Seth to be a modern-day brooding Heathcliff. Fourteen years later, when Seth has proved to be more like Homer Simpson, Cara vows never to fall in love again, and turns her back on romance for good.

Leaving Seth behind, Cara secures a job as nanny at Moreland Hall on the Yorkshire Moors, but is shocked to discover her new employer is none other than the tall, dark, and disturbingly handsome Mr Rochester.

Her resolve to be more level-headed is soon tested when strange things begin to happen at Moreland Hall. Why is Mr Rochester’s mother hidden away upstairs? What are the strange noises she hears from the attic? Why is the housekeeper so reluctant to leave her on her own? And where is Mr Rochester’s mysterious wife?

As events unfold, Cara knows she must keep a cool head, curb her imagination – and resist Mr Rochester at all costs. After all, one Brontë hero in a lifetime is more than enough for any woman. Two would be downright greedy.

Wouldn’t it?


What readers are saying about Resisting Mr Rochester

“A terrific book from a terrific author.” 
“This book was just gorgeous, sheer enjoyment from beginning to end.” 
“Ms Booth enchants us with her warm characters, fabulous Yorkshire setting and totally believable hero.”