Out and About in Yorkshire


Believe it or not, I’m a Yorkshire lass, born and bred. I know! I kept that quiet, didn’t I? There’s so much to see and do in my home county, and so I’ll be posting some pictures from time to time, celebrating the beautiful and varied landscape, the people, the food, and anything else that makes Yorkshire so special. I’ll also be alerting you to locations of my books, places I’ve been inspired by, and places where I’ve been in order to research my stories. Enjoy x

St Augustine’s Church, Hedon, East Yorkshire
View of the Humber Bridge from the Country Park Inn, Hessle Foreshore


The Humber Bridge and old chalk mill, Hessle Foreshore
The Humber
Across the Humber to Lincolnshire
Looking from Hessle to North Ferriby
Entrance to Hull’s Museum Quarter, Old Town.
One of Phillip Larkin’s “Toads”
Hull hero. William Wilberforce at the entrance to Wilberforce House Museum
The Museum Quarter, Hull Old Town.
The church at Masham, North Yorkshire. This is the only place in the world where I always head to the churchyard when I visit! It’s so beautiful and peaceful here. Look at all those snowdrops. You can sit on a bench, and admire the view of rolling hills, fields of sheep, even a paddock with horses sometimes. It’s the perfect place to think, dream, imagine and reflect …
Snowdrops and crocuses in Masham churchyard.
A cold, crisp day in early February. Masham, North Yorkshire.
The view from Masham churchyard.
St Mary’s church, on the cliff top at Whitby
Caedmon’s Cross.
Stunning view from the 199 steps


LOCATION! 199 steps in Whitby were mentioned in A Kiss from a Rose.
View from the 199 steps.
Church Street, towards the steps up to the abbey.
The market place, off Whitby’s Church Street.
View from the abbey path
View over Whitby from the abbey path
Path from the abbey, Whitby







Whitby Abbey, October 2017
Blue skies on the moors above Goathland
B2 Moors above Goathland
INSPIRATION! The village of Goathland was one of the locations that helped me create Bramblewick
B1 Yorkshire Moors just outside Goathland
The Yorkshire Moors in October
at rievaulx abbey4
INSPIRATION! Rievaulx Abbey is how I picture the ruined abbey at Kirkby Skimmer in the Skimmerdale series.
at rievaulx abbey5
Beautiful ruins of Rievaulx
at rievaulx abbey6
New friends at Rievaulx
at middleham castle
Middleham Castle, Yorkshire Dales
at middleham castle2
Middleham Castle views
at middleham castle3
Royal connections!
at middleham castle4
Middleham Castle
the reading room
INSPIRATION! This room is the inspiration for the reading room at Kearton Hall in Once Upon a Long Ago, where Will and Nat have their confronation.
the library
The Library, Burton Agnes Hall ~ aka Kearton Hall
INSPIRATION! Thwaite, Swaledale – Swaledale is the inspiration for Skimmerdale, and Thwaite became Beckthwaite
RESEARCH! I visited the grave of Anne Bronte and saw this stone laid by the Bronte Society when I was researching Once Upon a Long Ago
Anne Bronte’s grave, Scarborough, which is mentioned in Once Upon a Long Ago
at howarth
RESEARCH! Bronte Parsonage, Howarth. A must-visit when I was writing Resisting Mr Rochester!
at howarth9
Branwell Bronte’s Bedroom
at howarth5
Bronte exhibits
at howarth6
Bronte Parsonage
at howarth4
Prop from To Walk Invisible
at howarth3
Bronte Parsonage
at helmsley7
INSPIRATION! Helmsley, which is featured as Helmston in the Kearton Bay/Moorland Heroes/Bramblewick books.
at helmsley6
at helmsley5
at filey3
Filey sands
at filey2
at filey
Filey beach
at blue dolphin
Near Filey, North Yorkshire
at market weighton
Pancakes in Market Weighton
at market weighton2
Giant Bradley, Market Weighton
at hull
UK City of Culture 2017
At Malmaison, Leeds
Yorkshire tea in Leeds
at knaresborough 10
at knaresborough2
At Knaresborough Castle
at knaresborough3
LOCATION! Knaresborough is mentioned in There Must Be an Angel as it’s Eliza’s and Joe’s home town. View from Knaresborough Castle
at knaresborough4
at knaresborough5
Knaresborough Castle grounds
at knaresborough6
at knaresborough8
boats in Knaresborough
at knaresborough9
Beautiful Knaresborough
at knaresborough11
at masham
Yorkshire tea in Masham
at masham3
Making a new friend in Masham
at masham4
at masham5
Masham Marketplace
at masham2
A day out in Masham
at mount grace priory
At Mount Grace Priory
at mount grace priory3
Mount Grace Priory
at mount grace priory4
Mount Grace Priory
at mount grace priory5
Mount Grace Priory
at mount grace priory2
Me and DH at Mount Grace Priory, Northallerton
at richmond castle 4
Richmond Castle
at richmond castle 5
View from Richmond Castle
at richmond castle2
INSPIRATION! Richmond Castle entrance. Richmond is one of the inspirations for Kirkby Skimmer in the Skimmerdale novels.
at robin hoods bay 4
INSPIRATION! Robin Hood’s Bay ~ or, as I like to think of it, Kearton Bay. 🙂
at robin hoods bay 10
INSPIRATION! Robin Hood’s Bay, looking towards what became The Kearton Arms in the Kearton Bay series.
at robin hoods bay 11
Sea view Robin Hood’s Bay
at robin hoods bay
Robin Hood’s Bay landscape
at robin hoods bay2
Robin Hood’s Bay
at robin hoods bay3
INSPIRATION! This lovely waterside walk in Robin Hood’s Bay became Water’s Edge in the Kearton Bay books.
at robin hoods bay8
Robin Hood’s Bay
at robin hoods bay9
INSPIRATION! Beach at Robin Hood’s Bay. This is where I visualised Eddie taking his donkeys to give rides on the sands in the Kearton Bay books.
at robin hoods bay10
Wide sands of Robin Hood’s Bay
at swanland
Swanland, East Yorkshire
at thornton le dale
Thatched cottage, Thornton-le-Dale
at thornton le dale2
at whitby
at york
York Castle (Clifford’s Tower)
at york2
York Castle Museum
at york3
INSPIRATION! York’s sweet history. The confectionery producers of York inspired me to write about Carroll’s Confectionary in Saving Mr Scrooge. So much chocolate!
at york4
The Doctor gets everywhere!
at york5
Street scene, York Castle Museum
at york6
Street Scene at YCM
at york7
Back to the sixties, YCM
at york8
Dick Turpin in his cell at YCM
at york9
Flashback to the Seventies
at york10
My sister had a doll’s house like this!
at art of mallow
INSPIRATION! Reading about the Yorkshire company, Art of Mallow, inspired me to create Mallow Magic in the Kearton Bay books.
Scarborough view
Scarborough Castle
RESEARCH! I visited Scarborough Castle and learned about the Civil War and what part this castle played in the conflict, when I was writing Once Upon a Long Ago.
Scarborough Castle, which features in Once Upon a Long Ago
LOCATION! This is Scarborough Castle. In Once Upon a Long Ago, Will takes Lexi here to show her where his ancestor was killed during the Civil War.
View from Scarborough Castle
at Scarborough
Boats in Scarborough. Great name! 🙂