The Skimmerdale Collection

The Skimmerdale series is centred around Fleetsthorpe – a farm in the stunning Yorkshire Dales.

The Skimmerdale Collection contains fully unabridged editions of This Other Eden and Being Emerald at a discount price.

Chef Eden’s not herself any longer. Gorgeous sheep farmer Eliot’s having the wool pulled over his eyes. New-ager Emerald’s got a wedding to plan, whether the bride likes it or not. Ageing rock star Cain just wants his knighthood! You can buy The Skimmerdale Collection here.

Praise for This Other Eden:

“I so loved reading this book. Sharon Booth is now on my list of must reads.”

“A hugely entertaining jaunt of a novel through the Yorkshire dales.”

Praise for Being Emerald:

“I can’t praise this book enough…Outstanding.”

“Ms. Booth creates the most authentic characters.”

“Several story-line threads all woven superbly, and the sheep farmer is, once again, to die for!”