Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

Fresh Starts at Folly Farm (A Bramblewick Novel)

Fresh Starts atFolly Farm (2)“I love the Bramblewick stories – actually, all Ms. Booth’s books – and this one I thought was especially touching” 

“My favourite of the Bramblewick series.” 

“I have read all of Sharon’s previous stories and this ranks as one of my favourites.” 

“This story is pure emotion. Sharon Booth never ceases to amaze me.”


Rachel Johnson has returned to her childhood home in Bramblewick, a small village on the North York Moors. Taking up a position as practice nurse at the village surgery, Rachel hopes she can rebuild her own life, and provide a better life for her young son, Sam.
But Folly Farm isn’t what it used to be. Since the death of Rachel’s father, the spark seems to have disappeared from her mother. No longer a working farm, the place seems neglected and sad.
Sam is clearly resentful of the changes in his life and, after a worrying incident at the school, Rachel fears that the move has come too late, Trying to settle into a new job, aware of her mother’s obvious loneliness, and fretting over the state of the farm on top of everything else, her new start isn’t working out as she’d hoped.
Then, one morning, Rachel’s mother finds a horse in the stables, and life at Folly Farm changes forever.

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