Back to Bramblewick – it’s Publication Day!

Bramblewick is a pretty little village, nestling on the North York Moors. Travel over the stone bridge which crosses the beck that runs down from the moors and alongside the village, and you'll find beautiful cottages, an ancient church, and a variety of small businesses, including a teashop/bakery called Spill the Beans and a busy …

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Five things we wish we’d known five years ago (Part 1)

The northern and Welsh half of the Write Romantics on things we wish we’d known five years ago.


As part of our fifth anniversary celebrations, The Write Romantics considered five things we wish we’d known at the start or perhaps what we’d learned along the way.

I was going to do this alphabetically but I decided to go for a change. This is what our Northern-based WRs said and, because there are only four of us, I’ve added Wales into the mix. Enjoy!

Jessica xx

Helen Phifer new
1. Publication Day is normally a bit of an anti climax. All the hard work doesn’t automatically make your book baby a best seller. It all takes time and can be quite a slow burn to move up the charts
2. You don’t always need an agent. There are publishers who you can submit to direct
3. The sleepless nights. If you’re not waking up to obsessively check your ranking, you’re lying awake trying to figure out plot holes
4. The…

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