How the Other Half Loves

How the Other Half Loves ~ The Other Half Book 4

When you’re in the friend zone is there ever a way out? The Lavender Ladies are betting on it!

Sally Fletcher is making a life for herself in Tuppenny Bridge. She’s found new friends and is working hard in her job as bar manager at The White Hart Inn, owned by her daughter’s father-in-law, Rafferty Kingston. She’s determined to make the pub a success to repay Rafferty for his kindness, after he offered her the chance of a fresh start when her marriage broke down.

Sally and Rafferty are good friends, but when Sally’s forced to revisit the life she left behind, she wonders if their friendship will survive Christmas, as unexpected guests arrive at The White Hart Inn.

Rafferty’s fully aware that Sally sees him only as a friend, but that doesn’t stop him wishing they could be more. When her ex-husband, Jason, comes to stay in Tuppenny Bridge, along with their daughter, Summer, and Sally’s mother, Mona, he’s very much afraid that the wishes he’s made will never come true.

As the snow falls and the Christmas bells ring out over Tuppenny Bridge, both Sally and Rafferty must gather their courage and face their demons before it’s too late.

When this festive season is over, will they move forward into the future together, or will it be a bleak midwinter at The White Hart Inn?


Please note: this was previously published as Winter Wishes at The White Hart Inn.