How the Other Half Loses

How the Other Half Loses

What could be better than a traditional family Christmas? For the Fletchers and the Kingstons, just about anything…

Christmas in the Scottish Highlands. It sounds idyllic, but if not for Billie and Arlo, neither family would choose to spend the most wonderful time of the year with the other.

With the Kingstons playing host, despite serious misgivings, the scene is set for a final family get-together. But beneath the festive glitter there’s a distinct lack of Christmas spirit.

Billie’s having serious doubts about her future, while Jason’s in a race against time. Rafferty, meanwhile, is nursing a huge secret, Elizabeth is terrified hers is about to be revealed, and the only chestnuts Mona wants to see roasting on an open fire are Jason’s.

Then Oscar arrives on the doorstep, freezing cold and lost. He’s seeking refuge and, despite Mona’s dire warnings that he could be a serial killer, the families welcome him in.

Little do they know that Oscar’s arrival will be the spark that lights the touchpaper, and the lives of the Kingstons and the Fletchers are about to be changed forever.


Please note: this book was previously published as How the Other Half Lives: Part Three: At Christmas. 

The books in this series are full-length novels but should be read in order for your best reading experience.