How the Other Half Lives

How the Other Half Lives

It’s time to find out how the other half lives.

Elizabeth and Rafferty Kingston have it all: a stunning house on the Norfolk Broads, more money than they could ever spend, and three beautiful children.

Sally and Jason Fletcher, meanwhile, battle for every penny, and Sally’s grown used to Jason working overtime to make ends meet, while she serves behind the bar in the local pub.

When Arlo Kingston married Billie Fletcher, the two families were united, but they have nothing in common. Or so it seems. Then Ellis Kingston, Arlo’s younger brother and wannabe film director, decides to make a life swap documentary featuring the two families.

Reluctantly, Sally and Elizabeth swap homes and families for a week, but they could never have predicted what happens next. Beneath the surface, it seems neither family is all it appears to be, and rich or poor, there’s no protection when it comes to matters of the heart.

At the end of this experiment, will the Kingstons and the Fletchers be able to return to their normal lives? Or has seeing how the other half lives changed them forever?


Please Note: This book was previously published as How the Other Half Lives: Part One: At Home. The books in this series are full-length novels but should be read in order for your best reading experience.