How the Other Half Lives: Part Two: On Holiday

How the Other Half Lives: Part Two: On Holiday 

The Kingstons and the Fletchers are going on holiday. Unfortunately, they’re all going together.

Billie and Arlo want to get their families together to make an announcement. Against their better judgment, the Kingstons and the Fletchers agree to spend a week together on the East Yorkshire coast, in Billie’s gran’s “luxury holiday accommodation”.

With both families in a state of upheaval, it hardly promises to be a relaxing break, and sure enough tensions are soon running high – not helped when the Kingstons discover the “luxury accommodation” is really a caravan on the Sunny Smiles Holiday Park in Burlington-on-Sea.

Sally’s battling her emotions, Mona’s waging war on Jason, Elizabeth’s contemplating her future, Rafferty’s reeling from a recent discovery, and Wilf’s fearing the worst.

And that’s before Billie and Arlo make their shocking announcement…

As the holiday draws to a close, will either family ever be the same again?