His Lawful Wedded Witch

The Witches of Castle Clair 5


Divided they fall…

As the St Clairs reel from recent shocking events, they receive an invitation to the grand home of the esteemed O’Brien family in Ballydraiocht. Since the invitation is obviously more of a command, it seems they have little choice but to accept.

Arriving in Ireland, Harley is shocked to bump into Killian Ryan, the man who broke her heart in the spring. Even though she’s still attracted to him, she vows to keep her distance.

But with all attention on Lowen Ericson, her twin sister’s boyfriend, Harley finds herself drawn once again to the charming Irishman, even though it soon becomes clear their relationship can go nowhere. Not only is her own family opposed to the match, but Killian’s people have no intention of allowing him to be with a witch.

With the two families arguing, tensions rising in the magical community, and Mrs Greenwood and Mammy Ryan fighting the Battle of the Bakes, Killian and Harley realise that soon they may be forced to take sides — and it’s not just Irish apple cake or Yorkshire Parkin they’ll have to choose between.

With such high stakes and so many obstacles to overcome, can true love really find a way?

His Lawful Wedded Witch will be published on January 25th 2023