Familiar Faces

Animals play an important part in the St Clair story. Many witches have familiars, and my witches certainly love their own familiars – although some are easier to love than others. Yes, Paypacket, I’m looking at you!

Here are some of the animals you’ll encounter in my witch lit books – current and future.

The Castle Clair cats

Belle is a beautiful Bombay cat, sleek and black, and owned (eventually!) by Sky St Clair. She is a stubborn little cat, but usually knows what’s best for Sky.

Paypacket is an Egyptian Mau cat who belongs to Star St Clair. He’s a very short-tempered cat, with firm opinions, and is quite difficult to win over!  

Spirit is a gentle Toyger, who is wise and calm. She belongs to Celeste St Clair, and is loyal and patient. She is quite happy in her own company, and affectionate with other members of the family. She tends to leave Belle and Paypacket to get on with it!

The Castle Clair Ravens

The ravens are hugely intelligent, mystical creatures, who go where the magic is at its most powerful. The three ravens who feature prominently in the St Clair books are Bran, Belasko and Branwen, although other ravens do appear briefly. There are also ravens who guard the castle at all times, and have to be warned not to talk too much in case they give the game away and frighten the tourists.  The nickname given to the most powerful St Clair witches is “The Raven”, and it’s “The Raven” who’s expected to watch over and protect Castle Clair.

Coming Soon!

Meet Runa and Frey. They’re beautiful Norwegian Forest Cats. Handsome silver and white Frey is the elder of the two, and takes care of his pretty younger sister, Runa. Or so he thinks!

A Naughty Boy and A Gentle Lady

Not all animals in the St Clair stories are magical, and even those who were once familiars may no longer work for a living. Billy Blue is a budgie, who’s happily retired, and spends his days being fussed over by Mrs Greenwood in Castle Clair.

In future books, you’ll meet Lady Jayne. This stunning Blenheim Cavalier King Charles spaniel, possesses no magic, other than a loving heart and a lot of patience. She’ll need both to cope with Frey and Runa!