Saving Mr Scrooge ~ RomCom

Saving Mr Scrooge

“Just superb. Sharon Booth’s writing just gets better and better…” 

“What can I say about Saving Mr Scrooge? Only that it is the best Christmas book I have ever read.” 

It’s the time of peace on earth and goodwill to all men, but at Carroll’s Confectionery factory, the meaning of Christmas seems to have been forgotten. New boss, Kit Carroll, is hardly winning friends with his high-handed attitude, his foolhardy approach to production, and his tight-fisted treatment of the factory’s employees.

Marley Jacobs, his self-styled PA, is determined to make him see the error of his ways, and return the festive spirit to Carroll’s.

Unfortunately, the little matter of their previous relationship, along with Kit’s callous treatment of her when they were teenage sweethearts, keeps getting in the way of her good intentions.

With encouragement from co-worker Don, romantic sister Olivia, and — astonishingly — the usually sceptical Great Uncle Charles, Marley decides to save this modern-day Mr Scrooge from himself, despite having no well-meaning ghosts to help her.

But revisiting the past doesn’t just stir things up for Kit. As Marley struggles to deal with bittersweet memories, present-day events take a surprising turn. Can the future be changed, after all? And is it only Kit who needs saving?

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Could you resist Mr Rochester?

Saving Mr Scrooge