Destiny of the Witch

The Witches of Castle Clair 6


United they Stand…
The magical world is stunned by recent events, and the community is in turmoil. Fear is growing, and the witches are looking to Lowen for answers and reassurance. But with the necessary proof of his identity still missing, how can he give them what they need?
Someone has betrayed them all, and a heavy price has been paid by a much-loved and well-respected witch. The St Clairs need to find out who is behind the betrayal, and what they must do about it.
A desperate search in Whitby yields astonishing results, and as one revelation follows another, Romy realises she can’t put off telling John the truth any longer. But how will he cope with what she has to say to him?
With the Winter Solstice fast approaching, Castor’s on the warpath, Lowen’s on a mission, and Celeste and Hector have big decisions to make.
Things are reaching crisis point in Castle Clair, and it seems the unthinkable is about to happen as Lyrica’s prophecy is proved correct.
One will become three, three will become two, two will become three…

Destiny of the Witch will be published on October 31st 2023