Christmas with Cary

Home for Christmas Series

Nothing says Christmas like home, and where else would you want to be on such a special day? These stories capture that feeling perfectly. Home can be a place or a person, but sometimes, it’s difficult to find either.

For Ellie, Katy and Molly, Christmas isn’t going to be much fun this year, and they’re dreading the festive season, while all around them everyone else seems to be celebrating. But maybe they’ll make their way home at last, with a little help from some Christmas magic.

Enjoy these books of love, hope, and finding home at any time of year.

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Christmas with Cary

You never forget your first love.

Molly’s spent every Christmas she can remember surrounded by her family. But this year is different. This year, Molly’s all alone in a strange town. She’s left her family behind, and she’s not sure where she can call home any longer.

All Molly has with her are a few clothes in a suitcase, and a collection of her old friend’s Cary Grant films. Except, there’s one more thing she’s brought along – the whole reason for her Christmas visit.

In her possession is a small, crumpled piece of paper, and on it is written the address of the love of her life. 

Molly and Cary have had many chances over the years, but somehow life kept getting in the way and they always ended up apart once more. Yet Molly has never forgotten the first man she gave her heart to, and now she has one last chance to win him back.

But will Cary welcome her home, or will he tell her what she dreads to hear – that they’ve had their chance, and it’s all too late. That’s if she can even find him…

A lovely, festive story about hope, forgiveness, and never giving up on love – however long it takes.