Christmas at Cuckoo Nest Cottage

The Bramblewick Series

The Bramblewick series follows the lives and loves of the residents of a small village on the North York Moors. Meet Connor – the new doctor at Chestnut House – whose arrival in the village begins a whole series of adventures for the staff of the little medical practice, and their friends and neighbours. There’s Anna, whose father used to be the village doctor, and whose home Connor is now moving into. Her best friend is Izzy, who teaches at the local primary school, alongside amiable Ash and uptight Jackson. Then there’s Riley and Abbie, who join Connor at the surgery, receptionist Holly, and Rachel the practice nurse. Two other new arrivals are Xander, a heart-throb actor looking for a fresh start, and Lewis, the laid-back gardener. Then there’s Nell, the friendly, outgoing owner of Spill the Beans, the village cafe and bakery.

These contemporary romances are guaranteed to warm your heart. Welcome to Bramblewick! 


Christmas at Cuckoo Nest Cottage

Holly knows something’s not right about her life, but she can’t figure out what it is. Where did it all go wrong? She has a job she enjoys in Bramblewick’s surgery, friends she’s known and loved for years, a surrogate grandmother in her next-door neighbour, Lulu, and a boyfriend she adores.

Yet Holly’s become increasingly unhappy and confused. So much about her life no longer makes sense, and she’s uncertain who she can trust. Are her friends really on her side? Is she still capable of carrying out her job to satisfactory standards? Why does she keep messing things up with Jonathan, the boyfriend who puts up with more than anyone else ever would?

With two weddings to attend and Christmas rapidly approaching, all Holly wants is peace, calm, and an end to the confusion; instead she finds herself facing an impossible choice that makes her worries about being the only fat bridesmaid seem irrelevant. How can she decide between the two people she loves most in the world?

Then there’s Lewis … Newly arrived in the village, calm, easy-going and straightforward, his only vice appears to be his addiction to pear drops. Through him, Holly realises she’s been losing a war she had no idea she was fighting. Can she muster the strength for one final battle?

Maybe all she needs is a little help from her friends …


What readers are saying about Christmas at Cuckoo Nest Cottage

“A gem of a book.”

“A heart melter.”

“I would love to live somewhere like Bramblewick.”