Here you’ll find a list of reviews I’ve written of books I’ve read and loved, so you’ll find four and five star reviews only on here. Please note! I am not  a “professional” reviewer, nor am I a full-time book blogger. The books listed here are ones I have chosen to read myself because I liked the look of them, and which lived up to my expectations, so please don’t send me requests to review books . There are people out there with proper book blogs, who devote their time to reading, writing honest, insightful reviews, and helping to spread the word about new books and authors. They do a fabulous job, and it is definitely worth your while seeking one of them out. Thank you. x

New Arrivals at Hedgehog Hollow by Jessica Redland

Harper’s Highland Fling by Lizzie Lamb

You Make It Feel Like Christmas by Louise Marley

Finding Love at Hedgehog Hollow by Jessica Redland

The Tanglewood Tea Shop by Lilac Mills

The Little Church by the Sea by Liz Taylorson

The Wife’s Revenge by Deirdre Palmer

A Christmas Kiss by Eliza J Scott

The Secret to Happiness by Jessica Redland

Christmas at Wynter House by Emily Harvale

Happy Christmas Eve by Jackie Ladbury

Kindred Spirits: Tower of London by Jennifer C Wilson

The Girl at the Window by Rowan Coleman

The Right Mr Wrong by Pat Posner

Return to Port Agnes by Jo Bartlett

Little Pink Taxi by Marie Laval

The Potter’s Daughter by Jackie Ladbury

Hope’s Cornish Christmas by Jo Bartlett

Christmas Kisses on Hollywell Hill by Jackie Ladbury

Christmas at the Chocolate Pot Cafe by Jessica Redland

One Magical Christmas by Berni Stevens

Finding Dad by Jo Bartlett

Christmas Roses by Pat Posner

Callie’s Christmas Wish by Jessica Redland

Take Me, I’m Yours by Lizzie Lamb

The Haunting On West Tenth Street by Helen Phifer

Summer at Willow Tree Farm by Heidi Rice

The Little Cottage on the Hill by Emma Davies

That Summer at the Seahorse Hotel by Adrienne Vaughan

The Eliza Doll by Tracey Scott-Townsend

A Little Christmas Faith by Kathryn Freeman

Christmas at the Little Village School by Jane Lovering

Lies, Mistakes and Misunderstandings by Katharine Johnson

Dying Breath by Helen Phifer

Away for Christmas by Jan Ruth

Rumour Has It by Jill Mansell

The Christmas Shop at Central Park by Jo Bartlett

Warwick’s Mermaid by Ellie Gray

Charlee and the Chocolate Shop by Jessica Redland

Girl in the Castle by Lizzie Lamb

Daffodil Days: Stories from the Broome Park Pre-fab Village by Pat Posner

Christmas at Carly’s Cupcakes by Jessica Redland

A Song for St Nicholas by Jo Bartlett

Second Chances at Channel View Farm by Jo Bartlett

Annie’s Holiday by the Sea by Liz Eeles

Moonshine by Deirdre Palmer

A Highland Practice by Jo Bartlett

Bear With Me by Jessica Redland

Di Marcello’s Secret Son by Rachael Thomas

The Lost Children by Helen Phifer

The 20’s Girl, The Ghost, and All That Jazz by June Kearns

The Saturday Secret by Linda Huber

The Island Legacy by Ruth Saberton

Fur Coat and No Knickers by Adrienne Vaughan

Never Coming Back by Deirdre Palmer

Air Guitar and Caviar by Jackie Ladbury

Every Woman For Herself by Trisha Ashley

Deck the Halls by Emily Harvale

A Christmas Romance by Amy Perfect (Lynda Renham)

A Holly Bay Christmas by Jo Bartlett

Daughter of Pendle by Rowan Scott-Ryder

Love on the Nile by Ellie Gray

Somebody Else’s Boy by Jo Bartlett

The Chocolatier’s Secret by Helen J Rolfe

Dreaming About Daran by Jessica Redland

The Dirigible King’s Daughter by Alys West

Summer at Skylark Farm by Heidi Swain

Dirty Weekend by Deirdre Palmer

The Forgotten Cottage by Helen Phifer

From One Night to Wife by Rachael Thomas

Beauty and the Recluse by Ellie Gray

Getting Over Gary by Jessica Redland

Scotch on the Rocks by Lizzie Lamb

Beltane by Alys West

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Christmas at the Crescent by Veronica Henry

One Wish in Manhattan by Mandy Baggot

The Art of Christmas by Jane Lovering

Warm Hearts in Winter by Helen Pollard

What Rosie Found Next by Helen J Rolfe

The Girl Who Lived by the River (Part One) by Mark Daydy

Handle Me With Care by Helen J Rolfe

Remarkable Things by Deirdre Palmer

Four Sides to Every Story by Valerie-Anne Baglietto

Searching for Steven by Jessica Redland

Among a Thousand Stars by Jo Bartlett

Something Wicked by Louise Marley

Raving about Rhys by Jessica Redland

Another Rebecca by Tracey Scott-Townsend

Secrets of the Heart by Adrienne Vaughan

A Country Christmas (previously Honeycote) by Veronica Henry

The Gift of Christmas Yet to Come by Jo Bartlett

Tickled Pink by Christina Jones

The Not So Perfect Mum (Previously The School Gate Survival Guide) by Kerry Fisher

Last Bite of the Cherry by Margaret Cullingford

The Ghost House by Helen Phifer

Escape for the Summer by Ruth Saberton

Pink Wellies and Flat Caps by Lynda Renham

Cauldstane by Linda Gillard

The Last Time We Saw Marion by Tracey Scott-Townsend

Becoming Jane Eyre by Sheila Kohler

The Hollow Heart by Adrienne Vaughan

The Little Book of Lost Hearts by Valerie-Anne Baglietto

Boot Camp Bride by Lizzie Lamb

Wannabe A Writer/Wannabe A Writer We’ve Heard Of by Jane Wenham-Jones

The Dog’s Bollocks by Lynda Renham

A Girl I Knew by Valerie-Anne Baglietto

Breathless by Louise Marley

Tongue in Cheek by Fiona Walker

A Cottage by the Sea by Carole Matthews

Good Husband Material by Trisha Ashley

A Stitch In Time by Amanda James

An Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy by June Kearns

Prime Time by Jane Wenham-Jones

No Such Thing as Immortality by Sarah Tranter

Once Upon A Winter by Valerie-Anne Baglietto

Tall, Dark and Kilted by Lizzie Lamb

Vampire State of Mind by Jane Lovering

The Birds and the Bees by Milly Johnson