Being Emerald

The Skimmerdale Series

Take a trip to the glorious Yorkshire Dales! Eden is caught in a honey trap, Eliot is having the wool pulled over his eyes, Emerald is planning the wedding from hell – and it’s not her own – and Cain just wants his knighthood! Meet gorgeous sheep farmer Eliot Harland. He lives a quiet life on his farm, Fleetsthorpe, taking care of his three young children alone, since the death of his wife. It’s a simple life, and that’s the way he likes it. But then a young woman arrives at his home, the spoilt princess daughter of ageing rock star, Cain Carmichael. She brings with her all the baggage of her crazy family – and a very big secret. Life in Skimmerdale will never be the same again …

Being Emerald

Welcome back to the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.
Emerald Carmichael has always been the black sheep of the family, so she’s not impressed when fate — in the form of her father Cain’s annoying and grossly misdirected generosity — leads her to act as wedding planner to his former employee Eden Robinson.
To add insult to injury, it turns out that Eden’s fiancé is none other than the gorgeous Eliot Harland, the only man Emerald has found attractive for simply ages.
Emerald, however, has plans of her own, and if that means living on a sheep farm in a remote corner of the Yorkshire Dales, while organising the grand wedding for Eden her father demands, she’ll do it. That’s if the happy couple ever make it to the altar, of course …
But Emerald’s not the only one making plans, and as events unfold that could destroy the Harlands’ lives for good, Eliot and Eden are torn apart.
With their family in crisis, and secrets and lies exposed, can peace ever return to Skimmerdale?

What readers are saying about Being Emerald

“I can’t praise this book enough…Outstanding.”
“Ms. Booth creates the most authentic characters.” 
“Several story-line threads all woven superbly, and the sheep farmer is, once again, to die for!”