Baxter's Christmas Wish

Home For Christmas Series

Nothing says Christmas like home, and where else would you want to be on such a special day? These stories capture that feeling perfectly. Home can be a place or a person, but sometimes, it’s difficult to find either.

For Ellie, Katy, and Molly, Christmas isn’t going to be much fun this year, and they’re dreading the festive season, while all around them everyone else seems to be celebrating. But maybe they’ll make their way home at last, with a little help from some Christmas magic.

Enjoy these books of love, hope, and finding home at any time of year. Happy reading! 


Baxter’s Christmas Wish

When Ellie Jackson’s marriage unexpectedly ends, she and her young son, Jake, seek refuge with Ellie’s cousin, Maddie. But Maddie soon tires of her house guests, including her own boisterous rescue Boxer dog, Baxter.
A trip to the park proves eventful, when Baxter literally bumps into Dylan. Kind, funny, and not-too-shabby in the looks department, Dylan soon wins Ellie and Jake over, and Ellie dares to dream of a happy ending at last.
But as the snow starts to fall and Christmas approaches, Ellie realises time is running out for them. Dylan clearly has a secret that may ruin their happiness, Baxter’s home is in jeopardy, and she has no way of making Jake’s wishes come true.
Must Ellie give up on her dreams, or can Baxter lead her back to happiness?
Light the fire, switch on those Christmas tree lights, curl up with a hot chocolate, and enjoy this heart-warming festive story of love, home, and second chances.


What readers are saying about Baxter’s Christmas Wish

“I read it in a couple of short hours, while loving every moment of it.”
“There was nothing I didn’t like about this one. I read it in one wonderful sitting and recommend it unreservedly to everyone in the run up to Christmas.”