A Kiss from a Rose

A Kiss From a Rose ~ Kearton Bay 2

One kiss can change your life…

Rose Maclean’s new beginning in Kearton Bay didn’t go quite as expected, but now she has a new career and things finally seem to be improving.
But Rose’s life never runs smoothly for long. With money tight, space in her tiny flat at a premium, and her eldest daughter, Fuschia, behaving even more strangely than usual, the last thing she needs is to spend more time with her mother. Mrs Maclean is straight-talking and hard to please, but when she becomes the unexpected victim of a crime, Rose has no choice but to take her into her already cramped home.
Reduced to sleeping on the sofa, dealing with her mother’s barbed comments, and worrying endlessly about her teenage daughters, Rose is desperately in need of something good to happen.

Flynn Pennington-Rhys is the quiet man of Kearton Bay. He lives alone in a large, elegant house, and works as a GP in the village. Thoughtful, reliable, but a bit of a loner, Flynn is the last person Rose expected to fall for. Then a drunken kiss at a wedding sets them on a path that neither could have predicted.

But Flynn has his own issues to deal with, and when events take an unexpected turn, it seems Rose may not be able to rely on him, after all.
Will the quiet man come through for her? Will her daughters ever sort themselves out? And will Rose ever get her bedroom back from her mother, or is she destined to spend the rest of her life on the sofa?