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Cover reveal for Tuppenny Bridge 3!

Yesterday was a big day as my publisher, Storm Publishing, revealed the cover and blurb for the third in the Tuppenny Bridge series. Here it is!


book cover for Snowflakes and Surprises in Tuppenny Bridge by Sharon Booth. Pinkish, snowy sky over a snowy Dales landscape, with a pretty stone cottage with snow on the roof in the foreground.


Snowflakes and Surprises in Tuppenny Bridge was initially supposed to be published in January. Then it was decided that it should be moved forward in the schedule. It’s now going to be published on December 14th.


There are definitely lots of snowflakes in this book, and plenty of surprises, too! I should, though, make it very clear that it’s not really a Christmas book. Although the initial few scenes take place on Christmas Eve, the action quickly moves to the new year.


As the Christmas tree and decorations are packed away in Market Square, events are about to take a very different turn for my heroine, Clemmie Grant.


Readers of Summer in Tuppenny Bridge will know that Clemmie works in The Corner Cottage Bookshop with her Aunt Dolly. She’s a born romantic. She devours Regency romances – her favourite being Persuasion because she has a bit of a thing for Captain Wentworth. Clemmie’s real love life hasn’t been so successful though. The man she thought was her soulmate, Ross Lavender, is known as the town lothario. He and Clemmie no longer speak since their break-up over six years ago.


When Clemmie wins the Christmas Eve raffle at the carol concert on the green, she’s horrified to discover that her prize is a portrait painted by none other than Ross himself. Despite her best efforts, she’s unable to wangle her way out of it, and her aunt seems determined to make sure she sits for it, leading Clemmie to suspect that it was actually Dolly who had the winning ticket. Now, would Dolly do such a thing? Er, maybe…


Then heavy snow hits the Dales, and Clemmie and Ross find themselves in an extremely awkward situation. Trapped under the same roof, stilted conversations and flashes of anger give way to cosy evenings curled up under a blanket, watching Bridget Jones’s Diary and drinking hot chocolate. But when long-held secrets are revealed, their temporary truce breaks down. Is there any way back for Clemmie and Ross? Or, unlike the melting snow, will their hearts stay frozen forever?


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As you can see, although it’s not exactly a Christmas book, it is a lovely, cosy, wintry story, perfect for snuggling up by the fire to read. It’s full of romance and humour, with some surprisingly emotional and tender moments. I’ll admit I shed a tear or two when I was writing it.

You can pre-order Snowflakes and Surprises in Tuppenny Bridge by clicking on the image above. The paperback and audio editions will be out soon.

I should remind you that Second Chances in Tuppenny Bridge will be out on the 28th of this month, so not long to go now! You can pre-order that here, and it’s available in paperback and audio, too.


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If you haven’t yet started the Tuppenny Bridge series, then you’ve still got time to catch up. Summer in Tuppenny Bridge is available to buy now.


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I hope you enjoy the Tuppenny Bridge series. Happy reading, and have a great week!


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  1. Christine

    Love the cover of your new book that’s coming out soon keep up the great work Sharon xx

    1. sharon

      Thanks so much, Christine! xx

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