You are currently viewing Recent Reads: Sex Ed by Kristen Bailey #AmReading #RecentReads

Recent Reads: Sex Ed by Kristen Bailey #AmReading #RecentReads

Lately I’ve been posting about my recent reads in one monthly batch, but I’ve realised the posts are a bit long and – as it turns out – it takes absolutely ages to write that single post! So I’ve decided to post about each book individually in future. The same rules apply, though. If I’ve read something that I haven’t really enjoyed I won’t review it. I’m not a book blogger, and I’m not here to put anyone else off a book just because I didn’t like it. Positive reviews only. I’m just here to share the book love! First up this month was Sex Ed by Kristen Bailey.


The Cover

Image shows cover of Sex Ed by Kristen Bailey. Tagline, Practice makes perfect. Bright blue background with title in large text. A pair of shiny, red cherries threaded through the letters. Cartoon image of a man sitting on the top word, and a cartoon image of a woman sitting on the bottom word.
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The blurb


Ed is a virgin. I didn’t know those existed – not at our age anyway. Maybe he was so drunk that he forgot all the times he’s had sex. I wish I could get that drunk.

Mia and Ed have been best friends ever since they began teaching at the same school. Ed bakes cake for the staff, Mia eats the cakes. Ed can’t control his students, Mia sorts them out. Mia can’t work the photocopier, Ed shows her how.

Mia’s love life might be chaotic but she’s totally devoted to her super-tidy, cat-owning, geeky but not bad-looking best friend. So, when Mia discovers Ed is still a virgin at twenty-eight, she decides to take matters into her own hands and teach him the skills he needs to seduce the pretty new maths teacher, Caitlin.

It’s an education that involves panic-buying sex toys and buddy-watching porn, and when Ed graduates with an A+ for effort – and begins dating the perfect-on-paper Caitlin – Mia knows her work is done.

But is Caitlin as sweet as she seems? And could Mia’s feelings for Ed be stronger than she realised?

A fabulously feel-good and unmissable read for fans of rom-coms by Sophie Kinsella, Mhairi McFarlane and Beth O’Leary and anyone who loved Sex EducationTeachers and When Harry Met Sally. If you’ve ever cringed at the memory of your first time, nursed a broken heart with wine and takeout, or fallen for a friend, you’ll love this hilariously funny, sexy, heartwarming story.


My thoughts

I absolutely adored this book! It’s a rom-com that genuinely deserves to be labelled “laugh-out-loud”, because I really did – many times.

I loved Mia and Ed from the moment they appeared on the page. Mia is so refreshing. She’s full of fun and so uninhibited! I mean, really! She’s also kind, warm, generous, and thoughtful. The sort of woman you’d love as your best friend.

As for Ed – so sweet! I mean, who wouldn’t love Ed? I loved how he gradually came out of his shell – and I do mean gradually – and discovered that letting go could bring him so much joy. And no, I don’t just mean in the bedroom.

This book shows that opposites really can attract. Mia and Ed couldn’t be more different from each other, but somehow you just know they’d be perfect for each other, and you’re rooting for them to realise that the whole way through the story.

Probably not for you if you don’t like to read about what goes on in a bedroom behind the closed door, this is a friends with benefits novel that honestly lightened my heart and cheered me up no end. Can’t wait to read what Kristen Bailey writes next!