You are currently viewing It’s Publication Day for Summer in Tuppenny Bridge! #newbook @Stormbooks_co

It’s Publication Day for Summer in Tuppenny Bridge! #newbook @Stormbooks_co

Summer in Tuppenny Bridge!

Yes, it’s publication day for Summer in Tuppenny Bridge! My first book with Storm Publishing is out today, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’ve been thinking about my little market town in the Yorkshire Dales for quite a few years now, and I can’t believe that it now has its own series. I’m so grateful to Storm for taking it on, and I really hope I can do them – and my characters – justice.

Readers of my The Other Half series will know Tuppenny Bridge, which was first introduced to them in How the Other Half Lies, when Sally, Rafferty, Summer, and Frankie paid a visit to the town while staying on the East Yorkshire coast. It was then revisited in How the Other Half Loves, as Sally settled into her new life in The White Hart Inn, and we saw her finally moving on from the shadows of the past.



Well, this book is all about Summer and her brand new start in the Yorkshire Dales. Summer’s always been a country girl at heart, and it was her long-held wish to live somewhere rural and pretty, and hopefully work with horses. Now her dreams are coming true, but Summer’s got a new wish, and it might have something to do with local vet, Ben Callaghan.

Here’s the description:

It’s July in Tuppenny Bridge. The warm air swirls with butterflies and violets tumble from the window boxes of the pretty stone cottages lining the market square. Summer Fletcher – handy barmaid, devoted stablehand and definitely her mother’s daughter – is ready for a lazy summer in the Yorkshire Dales, but fate has other plans…

Summer and her mum soon find their hands full with the arrival of her future stepsister, Frankie – a blue-haired teen firecracker who’s nothing like the sweet little girl they remember. Meanwhile, local vet Ben is struggling – buried under a mountain of responsibility with trying to keep his crumbling family home Monk’s Folly standing, while supporting his reclusive mother and errant younger brother.

When Summer and Ben unexpectedly cross paths in the local bookshop, sparks fly… but despite Summer’s name, it isn’t all sunshine and roses. In Tuppenny Bridge, gossip travels fast, and each of them has their own demons they can’t quite leave behind. Will the weight of their pasts tear them apart just when they need each other the most?

With more than one heart in need of mending, a beloved old horse named Shadow, a missing pair of young lovers, and a family wedding on the cards – it will be a summer that the residents of Tuppenny Bridge will never forget.

A heartwarming love story set against the backdrop of the charming market town of Tuppenny Bridge. Grab a chocolate biscuit and a fresh cup of tea, because this is a tale you’ll want to get lost in.


Image shows Tablet version of Summer in Tuppenny Bridge set against background of stone cottage, hills, flowers and trees.
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What can you expect?

In this series we’ll be following several members of the Tuppenny Bridge community, who are linked by one tragic event which happened fourteen years previously. It’s had a huge impact on them, and has shaped the people they are today. But don’t worry! There’s lots of romance, friendship, laughter, and kindness – and happy endings, as always, are one hundred per cent guaranteed! Naturally, this story’s set in a gorgeous location. Check out this page for some photos of the beautiful place that inspired Tuppenny Bridge.

Publication Day

This isn’t like my other publication days, because it’s the first one with an actual publisher. Usually publication days pass without any fuss, as I’m my own boss, and I’m clearly notoriously stingy with my employee because I never send her a treat to celebrate or make any kind of effort for her at all! Luckily, the team at Storm are much kinder, because look what I received from them.


Image shows box of brownies with images of cover of Summer in Tuppenny Bridge on some of them and an image of the Storm logo on the others.


Delicious chocolate brownies. Don’t they look absolutely beautiful? I can’t wait to try them, though I do think they look too good to eat.

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with my friend, Jessica, and I’m sure we’ll do some more celebrating, so I’m looking forward to that.

I’ve been working on structural edits for Book 2 in the series which, as yet, doesn’t have a name. I’m looking forward to finding out what it will be called, and also seeing the cover for it. I can’t wait for you to meet Kat and Jonah! Hopefully, on Thursday, I’ll start writing Book 3, which features a couple I’ve already grown extremely fond of.

In the meantime, though, today is all about Summer and Ben.

I hope you enjoy Summer in Tuppenny Bridge, which is available on Kindle and also in paperback. It’s free to read with Kindle Unlimited if you’re a subscriber, and the audiobook is coming very soon.

Happy reading!


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  1. Jessica Redland Author

    Mmm, those brownies look amazing. Happy publication day, huge congratulations to you, and can’t wait to see you tomorrow to celebrate xx

    1. sharon

      They are amazing! I’m having to guard them with my life. 😂 Yay, looking forward to our catch up xx

  2. Sue Fletcher

    Pre Ordered this book and it is waiting on my Kindle as we ‘speak’!! Looking forward to it immensely. Keep up the good work.

    1. sharon

      Aw, thanks so much, Sue. I hope you enjoy it. 😊

  3. Karen Cheetham

    I’m excited for you after reading this – as a reader, I never thought about it being your first time with a publisher. Those brownies look delicious. Have a fabulous catch up with your good friend tomorrow, I managed to get through the first two chapters in my lunch break and looking forward to the end of the working day when I can pick up again. Congratulations x x x

    1. sharon

      Thanks so much, Karen. Yes, it’s strange having someone else taking charge of everything, but also quite liberating. I quite like being a hybrid author! I hope you enjoy Summer in Tuppenny Bridge. xx

  4. Voinks

    Congratulations, Sharon. What a brilliant idea by the publishers, but as you say, almost too good to eat. 😀 Wishing you and your book every success.

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