You are currently viewing It’s Publication Day! Welcome to Tuppenny Bridge, Where It’s Christmas at The White Hart Inn!

It’s Publication Day! Welcome to Tuppenny Bridge, Where It’s Christmas at The White Hart Inn!

It’s publication day! Welcome to Tuppenny Bridge.

Yes, today is release day for the first in my brand-new Tuppenny Bridge series, Winter Wishes at The White Hart Inn. This is a series I’ve been planning for a few years now, and I’m delighted that Book 1 is finally out there for people to read and hopefully enjoy.

So what can you expect from Tuppenny Bridge, and from Winter Wishes at The White Hart Inn specifically?


It's publication day! Welcome to Tuppenny Bridge. Shows the cover of Winter Wishes at The White Hart Inn.


Friends to Lovers Romance

This is primarily a romance between Sally Fletcher and Rafferty Kingston. Readers of my How the Other Half Lives series will recognise those names. Sally and Rafferty went through a lot in those books! As we followed the lives of the two families over the course of one year, we saw the disintegration of both marriages, and the pain, bewilderment, and humiliation that our hero and heroine endured.

Readers really took Sally and Rafferty to heart, and I got many messages pleading with me to give them the happy ending they deserved. I’d always planned to do that, but I’d considered leaving it until next year. However, I changed my mind, and this book is the result. I should point out, however, that if you haven’t read the How the Other Half Lives series, you can still read this book, as all the information you need will be given.

When the story starts, Sally and Rafferty have been running The White Hart Inn for nearly a year, and they’re the best of friends. Having settled into the community, they’ve made a success of the pub, and are looking forward to their first Christmas in the town. But is friendship all there is between them? Rafferty has long realised his feelings towards Sally have changed, but it seems he’s well and truly in the friend zone, so is there any hope he’ll be able to find his way out of there and build the future with her that he really wants?




Tuppenny Bridge has a vibrant community feel. Readers will encounter the Lavender Ladies: Miss Eugenie Lavender, descendant of the town’s most famous son, artist Josiah Lavender, and her friends the Pennyfeather sisters, Birdie and Rita. The Lavender Ladies may be elderly, but they’re canny and full of curiosity. There’s not much goes on in Tuppenny Bridge that they’re not aware of.

The Pennyfeathers have a great-niece, Kat, who is Sally’s best friend, and she’s carrying a secret of her own. Then there’s Zach, the vicar at All Hallows Church, who has formed a close friendship with Rafferty. With Zach’s wife, Ava, hairdresser Bluebell who runs the Cutting It Fine salon, Joseph, who owns the Whispering Willows Horse Sanctuary, Clive and Ben the local vets, Dolly and Clemmie at The Corner Cottage Bookshop, and many more residents to meet, readers will soon immerse themselves in the world of Tuppenny Bridge.


It's publication day! Welcome to Tuppenny Bridge. Image shows model buildings of the businesses and cottages of Tuppenny Bridge.
Model of Tuppenny Bridge buildings made by Stu at Indigo Cottage Company.


Beautiful Setting

Tuppenny Bridge is a stunning market town nestling in the Yorkshire Dales. It’s located in Lower Skimmerdale. Skimmerdale is the fictional area of the Dales I created for my earlier series set on Wildflower Farm. Upper Skimmerdale, where the farm is set, is extremely hilly and remote, but Lower Skimmerdale has a slightly gentler feel to it. The River Skimmer flows down from the high ground through Tuppenny Bridge, and the bridge that spans the river gives the town its name. There’s a twice-weekly market in the square, an annual sheep fair, and a selection of pretty shops and cottages, as well as the grand church of All Hallows.



Of course, this book is also a Christmas story, so expect plenty of festive moments and – naturally – a little bit of snow. There’s a lot going on in the run-up to the big day, and this book spans the whole of December, finishing late on Christmas Eve. In fact, the book starts and ends with special festive events in the town, so it will definitely put you in the Christmas mood!


It’s Just the Beginning…

I’ve already written the second in this series, and there are a total of seven books planned for Tuppenny Bridge. I’m already invested in the lives of the residents of this Dales market town, and I’m really looking forward to introducing them all to you, and revealing their stories. Because, believe me, they all have stories to tell…

So that’s it from me for now. I really hope you enjoy Winter Wishes at The White Hart Inn, and your first trip to Tuppenny Bridge. If you do read and enjoy it, please consider leaving a review, as it really does help. Thank you!

Have a great week.





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