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The Witches of Castle Clair Are Making a Return!

Hello, and welcome to the final post of this week’s updates.

Today’s post concerns The Witches of Castle Clair! Yes, those St Clairs are coming back, and you can pre-order the fifth book in the series right now.

The fifth book is called His Lawful Wedded Witch, and it’s Harley’s turn to take centre stage. Her family are, understandably, still dealing with the revelations we saw in Will of the Witch. What happened on Peloryon Island is going to take some getting used to!

Keely and Lowen have some huge adjustments to make, and poor Romy is still worrying herself sick, wondering how on earth she’s going to tell her blissfully ignorant boyfriend, John, the truth about herself and her unusual family.

Harley is, as you’d expect, being supportive of her sisters, but she’s nursing a broken heart. After what happened between her and Killian on the island, she’s sure their relationship is over for good. The trouble is, she’s not so certain that getting over him is going to be as easy as everyone seems to assume it will be…



This book is a real whirlwind of adventures and revelations!

We’ll head off to Ballydraiocht, and finally get to meet those mysterious O’Briens. We’ll discover yet more St Clair family secrets. And yes, we’ll be back in Castle Clair too!

There’s fun, family relationships, a most unusual familiar, romance, magic, amazing discoveries, and more myths and legends. There are some real shocks too! Oh, and there’s also a battle of the bakes, as Mrs Greenwood takes on Mammy Ryan. It’s Yorkshire Parkin versus Irish Apple Cake, and who’ll be brave enough to declare the winner?

You’ll love His Lawful Wedded Witch, and you can pre-order it by clicking on the gorgeous cover below. Don’t you love that cover, by the way? I think it’s absolutely beautiful!



His Lawful Wedded Witch will be published on January 24th. And don’t worry, because there’ll be a Book Six too. I just have to think of the title…

That’s it for my updates for now. It’s been one heck of a fortnight, hasn’t it? So much sadness and grief.

Wishing you a peaceful and happier week.