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A Refreshing Change for Bramblewick!

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Hello again. I’m back with the third of four updates this week, and today I’m here to tell you about the new covers for my Bramblewick series.

Bramblewick started out as a single story idea, which I thought would be suitable for the pocket novel market. Luckily, DC Thomson agreed, and my book was published by them as a People’s Friend pocket novel, Surrender to Love. It was then published in large print by Ulverscroft as The Doctor’s Daughter.

I put it on sale as an ebook with the title, New Doctor at Chestnut House. Little did I know that, before long, I’d have written another five books set in the same little village on the North York Moors!

For those who don’t know the Bramblewick series, it centres around a group of friends who work at a country practice in the village, their friends and neighbours. Readers seem to love these books, and I must admit, having recently read them again for the first time since they were published, I realised how fond I was of the village and its inhabitants myself.

They definitely deserved a new look, and here it is. I hope you love it!


New Doctor at Chestnut House. Meet Connor, the new doctor at Chestnut House, his daughter Gracie, and Anna Gray, whose late father was the previous doctor in the village. After growing used to the way Dr Gray ran things, will the villagers accept changes? And does Connor really want to fit in at Bramblewick anyway?

Christmas at the Country Practice. Nell, who runs the village cafe, Spill the Beans, is sure new GP Riley MacDonald is “the one”. She can see herself living happily ever after with the handsome Scottish doctor. Riley’s far from convinced, but why does “Mr Efficiency” become a clumsy wreck every time he’s around her?

Fresh Starts at Folly Farm. Practice nurse, Rachel, is settling back in at her old family home, Folly Farm, after a traumatic time. It’s good to be back with her mum, but she’s worried about her son, Sam, who doesn’t seem so happy to be living in Bramblewick. One morning, the family discovers a horse in their stables. Xander’s quick to apologise for leaving him there, but it seems the arrival of Fred is just the beginning!



A Merry Bramblewick Christmas. It’s Nativity time at Bramblewick Primary School, and Izzy and Ash have volunteered to take charge of the event. Their colleagues think they’re mad, but maybe all that hard work will have its compensations, and it will be a merry Bramblewick Christmas after all…

Summer at the Country Practice. Dr Abbie Sawdon has moved to Bramblewick with her three young children, and she’s taken on not only a new job, but a house that’s falling to bits. Teacher Jackson is keen on house renovation. More importantly, he has a desperate need to bring order from chaos in all areas of his life. When he volunteers to help Abbie, the scene is set for a true clash of personalities. But you know what they say – opposites attract…

Christmas at Cuckoo Nest Cottage. Holly’s losing a battle she didn’t even know she was fighting. With her life falling to pieces before her eyes, can Lewis step in and show her how to win the war? Maybe, with a little help from her Bramblewick friends…


There is also a new cover for The Bramblewick Collection, which contains all six books at a reduced price. You can save yourself a few quid if you buy that, rather than purchasing each book individually. Bargain!





So there you are. I hope you love the new look, and if you haven’t read any of the Bramblewick books yet, why not give them a try?

Have a lovely day.