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The First Tuppenny Bridge Novel is Up For Pre-Order!

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Hello! I thought I’d write a few posts to let you know the latest, in case you don’t subscribe to my newsletter or aren’t a member of my Facebook group. Today’s post is all about the first book in my new Tuppenny Bridge series, which is set in a gorgeous little market town in the Yorkshire Dales. (Lower Skimmerdale to be exact, whereas Wildflower Farm is in Upper Skimmerdale.)

You’ll meet loads of new and interesting characters along the way, but in the first book fans of the How the Other Half Lives series will be reunited with two old favourites, Sally Fletcher and Rafferty Kingston. I’ve had so many messages asking me if Sally and Rafferty will ever get a happy ending. Will Rafferty make a success of running a pub? Will Sally stay well away from Jason? Most importantly, will Sally and Rafferty end up together?

These questions will finally be answered in Tuppenny Bridge Book 1, which is called: Winter Wishes at The White Hart Inn.


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It’s a Christmas novel, packed with all things festive. There’s lots of food, lots of lights, and even snow. Well, it’s not a Christmas book without it, is it? Fans of Mona (and I know she’s very popular with readers!) will be delighted to learn that she’s spending Christmas in Tuppenny Bridge, along with… Well, I won’t say any more.

For anyone who hasn’t read the How the Other Half Lives series, don’t worry, because it completely works as a standalone. Then again, you might want to check out the trilogy for yourself because you might well love it! There’s lots of secrets, deception, love, friendship, and plenty of laughter. It’s about two families who are joined together by marriage, and since they have very little in common sparks are bound to fly, yet for various reasons they find themselves spending a lot of time together over the course of one year.


There’s a standalone prequel to the How the Other Half Lives series, which is called The Other Half, and it’s currently exclusive to my newsletter subscribers. You can sign up and download the novella here, and decide for yourself if you want to get to know the Kingstons and the Fletchers a little better.

Meanwhile, what can you expect from Winter Wishes at The White Hart Inn? Here’s the blurb:


Welcome to the Yorkshire Dales market town of Tuppenny Bridge, and the first in a brand-new series featuring romance and friendship in a heart-warming community.

When you’re in the friend zone, is there ever a way out?

Sally Fletcher is making a life for herself in Tuppenny Bridge. She’s found new friends and is working hard in her job as bar manager at The White Hart Inn, owned by her daughter’s father-in-law, Rafferty Kingston.

She’s determined to make the pub a success to repay Rafferty for his kindness, after he offered her the chance of a fresh start when her marriage broke down.

Sally and Rafferty are good friends, but when Sally’s forced to revisit the life she left behind, she wonders if their friendship will survive Christmas, as unexpected guests arrive at The White Hart Inn.

Rafferty’s fully aware that Sally sees him only as a friend, but that doesn’t stop him wishing they could be more. When a ghost from Sally’s past arrives in Tuppenny Bridge, he’s very much afraid that the wishes he’s made will never come true.

As the snow falls and the Christmas bells ring out over Tuppenny Bridge, both Sally and Rafferty must gather their courage and face their demons before it’s too late.

When this festive season is over, will they move forward into the future together, or will it be a bleak midwinter at The White Hart Inn? 


Winter Wishes at The White Hart Inn will be published on October 25th, so not too far away now.

I’ve got lots more news to share with you but I’ll break it into small chunks over several days, otherwise this blog post will go on forever.

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