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Refilling Your Creative Well by Rachael Thomas

I’m delighted to welcome Rachael Thomas to my blog today. Rachael is a member of my writing group, The Write Romantics. She’s an extremely talented writer, a super-busy person whose energy never ceases to amaze me, and an all-round lovely friend. Today she’s discussing something that really resonates with me and, I’m sure, with many other writers. How do you keep refilling that creative well?  Especially in days like these, when getting out and about is so restricted, and the chance to visit new places, meet up with friends, overhear tantalising snippets of conversation on public transport, or just sit and chat to people outside your bubble in a coffee shop, is no longer an easy option. So here’s Rachael with her thoughts.

Refilling Your Creative Well

Creativity is something that needs nurturing. It needs to be topped up, so that when you lower your bucket into the well, it doesn’t come up empty!

Refilling your creative well by Rachael Thomas
(image Pixaby Mabel Amber)

No matter what your chosen creativity is, words, art, fabric, photographs, we all know life can hijack you and drain every last drop of creativity from those precious resources.

During the lockdown, like quite a lot of people, I’ve sought refuge in my garden. It’s never looked so tidy! I made the decision to step away from words for a while, to indulge in something new and enjoyable, hoping that my somewhat depleted well of creativity would begin to refill.

It certainly did the trick for me – and the garden!

Refilling your creative well

But if gardening isn’t your thing, or you don’t have one, then take time to do what makes you feel relaxed and happy. A walk in the park where you can just let your thoughts wander as you do through nature, is a great way to top up your creativity.

If it’s blowing a gale and pouring with rain, then curl up indoors with a movie or that book you’ve been meaning to read for ages. I often find that a good movie or book stirs the imagination and kickstarts creativity.

Sometimes, with a deadline looming, taking time off writing isn’t possible. You have to get your words down on the page, so what can you do if your imagination and creativity has dried up? Sitting looking at a blank computer screen isn’t going to get the imagination going. The best way for me, is to go back to good old-fashioned pen or pencil and paper.

Refilling your creative well
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Writing away from my desk, using pencil and a notebook, is one of the most effective ways for me to unlock my creativity. If I can, I will take myself somewhere completely different. Beside a river, in a park, or if it’s miserable out, then to a coffee shop. I’m always aware of what’s going on around me, but it’s such a pleasure to be able to zone out and ignore it.

So, those are my tips for refilling your creative well or to kickstart your creativity again, but if you’ve got some different tips, I’d love you to share them here!

Thank you, Rachael! You can read a question and answer session I did with Rachael on the blog here. And here are my reviews of two of her books:  Di Marcello’s Secret Son and From One Night to Wife.

Rachael has written sixteen titles for Harlequin Presents/Mills and Boon Modern. She is currently working on a new path in her writing career, writing a feel-good fiction series set in Wales, where she lives on a farm with her husband. 

You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and her Facebook page or visit her website.




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  1. Jessica Redland Writer

    Do you want to come and sort out our garden, Rachael? Looks lovely. So great to hear your tips and very excited for you for your new project.
    Jessica xx

    1. Rachael Thomas

      I’m still battling with mine, so not for a while!

  2. sharon

    I have serious garden envy, too! I’m really looking forward to returning to the beautiful part of Wales where Rachael lives – even if it’s only within the pages of a book for now. Thanks for dropping by, Jessica. xx

    1. Rachael Thomas

      I’m loving being able to use my local area in my latest writing project. Thanks for having me here today Sharon.

      1. sharon

        You’re very welcome, Rachael. Lovely post!

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