9 thoughts on “Five Fabulous Books About Witchcraft Chosen By Author Alys West

  1. One book added to my list and I need to reread and finish the one I started. Discovery of Witches and the Nora Roberts series are in my favourite books of all time list so pleased they were mentioned.

    I’m looking forward to reading Storm Witch and finishing The Castle Clair series. I just need to pause time to catch up.

    1. I could do with pausing time too as it’s the only way I’m going to get through my TBR pile. I thought lockdown would give me lots of time to read but I’ve struggled to concentrate and barely picked up a book. Good to hear from another Discovery of Witches and Nora Roberts fan. They’re such great books that you can really lose yourself in.
      Alys x

    2. he Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov is a top favourite of mine. Margarita is invited to be a witch and serve as the Devils Queen for his Midsummer party. the other two strands are the shadowy Master and an unusual take on Christ and Pontious Pilate. Eventually they all come together, magically!

  2. I love Deborah Harkness’ books. I’ve always loved books about witches. The Familiars was brilliant but Couldn’t get into Mary Stewart or Nora Roberts sadly. Carol Lovekin writes some lovely books where the characters are perceived at witches, the magic is more pagan and subtle but lovely books. I seem to discover more books with magic realism than supernatural witches, they’re good too.

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