12 thoughts on “Cornwall Can Wait ~ And So Can I

  1. I absolutely applaud your attitude, you are obviously disappointed in not making it down here. I live in Cornwall and I would like to say, Thank you for staying home and staying safe xx

    1. Cornwall’s infection rate is high at the moment and there is only one hospital there, I believe. The last thing Cornish residents need is an influx of tourists putting them in danger. I hope you and yours stay safe, too. xx

      1. I loved reading your blog about Cornwall as it’s one of my lifelong favourites I’d love to live in. It’s so inviting when you describe it

      2. Exactly, we have not got huge resources. A lot of locals and ourselves are still staying put and following the stay at home guidance rather than stay alert xx

    1. That’s the only way to look at it, isn’t it? I’m staying put and treasuring the garden that I paid little attention to previously. It’s getting a makeover at long last! Cornwall IS stunning, but we need to protect it and its residents. It’s the same with other beauty spots, such as the Lake District and the North York Moors and Dales etc. Putting locals at risk isn’t the kind or even the sensible thing to do. If we want this virus to be stopped in its tracks, and we want “normal” life to resume one day, it makes sense to stay local. These gorgeous places are going nowhere. We can wait. xx

  2. Oh you made me so emotional reading this, Sharon! Cornwall is somewhere I want to go and never had the chance to. If ever, you’ve convinced me that aI’d love It there. My love for Doc Martin ( and Rosamunde Pilcher’s German films) might have something to do with it! Lovely photos, too ( esp. Doc Martin’s house!). Goos luck with tour garden and in case you were wondering, it’s jam first even for yours truly 😂😂 xx

    1. It’s absolutely stunning, Isabella. We’ve seen the Doc’s house a few times. It’s very popular! And Port Isaac is just like Port Wenn. Mrs Tishell’s chemist shop was a sweet shop last time we went. The owner told us how the tv crew come in and transform it into a pharmacy. There are so many places to visit. I really hope you get there one day xx

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