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Special Offers, New Covers, and Lockdown Locks!

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Hello! I haven’t blogged here since I finished the A to Z Challenge, and it’s just occurred to me that it’s now the middle of May so I’ve been silent for two weeks! Huge apologies to you all. How are you all doing? I hope you’re staying well and keeping safe. I wanted to tell you all about a special offer that’s running right now. My Witches of Castle Clair books are currently on offer for just 99p each. This promo will run until Wednesday evening, so if you’re missing any of the trilogy, now’s your chance to complete it at a bargain price. You can buy them here.

Special offer
Each book is just 99p right now!

I’ve been taking some of my own advice from this post  at last. It’s been fairly frantic and full-on recently with work, and I was beginning to feel quite frazzled. I finally made an executive decision and ordered myself to step away from the computer and get outside. Yesterday, I didn’t put the computer on once. I did no work at all (although there was a lot going on in my mind), and instead, I spent time with my husband and son.

I’m really missing the open countryside!

We went for a walk in the field opposite our house and it was good to be out in the fresh air and sunshine for once. I felt much better for it. When I got back, I listened to my birdsong app, played music, watched a couple of decent programmes on the television and chilled out. It made such a difference to me. I’ve noticed that the real birdsong is everywhere now. I don’t know if the birds are singing more, or if I’m just focusing on it more, so it seems that way. Either way, it’s lovely to hear. Yesterday, just before tea, I opened my bedroom window, sat down and just listened to the birds for ten minutes or so. It was so relaxing and really lifted my spirits.

It made a really nice change to be outside walking, having actual conversations with real people instead of texting them, even though they’re only downstairs (yes, I admit it, it’s true – shameful), and doing “ordinary” things that seem incredibly precious to me these days. I’ve had a few low days recently, where worry threatened to overwhelm me. I was missing my other children and my grandchildren and craved “normal” – just like everyone else, no doubt. I thought working nonstop was the best way to deal with it all, but now I think I was wrong.

We can’t always be busy bees!

With all the major promo stuff winding down for my last publication, I’m now looking ahead to the next book, which will be the fourth in the Kearton Bay series. I’ve decided to be kind to myself this time. There’s enough stress to deal with, so I’m taking my time with this one and I’m not going to bully myself about it. I’m currently working out the story using a notebook and pen, and doing a lot of thinking and daydreaming. I’m listening to songs and generally formulating the novel in my head before I start work on it properly. Right now, I want to find more of a balance in my life. It’s been ten hour days, seven days a week for too long. I’m determined to take two days a week off. I tried that some time ago and it worked beautifully, but somehow I slipped into my bad old ways of working every day and forgot all about the time off.

I was supposed to be going to Cornwall at the end of this month. That’s sadly not going to happen, but I’ve made a promise that I’ll still take that holiday time and have a break away from the desk for a week. The real battle’s going to be keeping off my mobile phone! I’m terrible with it. I absolutely must break the habit, although I’m well aware that I’ve been here before … oops!

Special offers, new covers
Loving these fresh new covers!

Talking of Kearton Bay – which I was until I got distracted, sorry! – some of you will have seen that the books have new covers. They were designed by Berni Stevens and I absolutely love them. They’re so bright and cheerful and vivid and fresh. Berni’s also working on the fourth cover already, so that will focus my mind on the story, if nothing else will! You can find the Kearton Bay books here.

And never mind Kearton Bay, I’ve got a whole new look, too. God, I really miss my hairdresser. My hair has got a mind of its own and it’s not good. I’m tempted to get a pair of scissors and hack it off, and as for the colour … well, it’s several colours now. There’s a lot of blonde, some dark and a bit of grey. It’s absolutely delightful. I’ve never looked better. I wish I dared bleach it myself at home, but I did that several years ago and the horror has stayed with me. I just daren’t risk that again. My hair was orange and yellow! I am so fed up with it … I wonder if hair clippers are on special offer? At least I managed to get our long-haired German Shepherd booked in for a haircut. Maybe if I bribe the dog groomer she’ll tackle my hair, too?

This might be the only solution!

That’s all for today. I really hope that everything in your world is okay. I know it’s troubling times and I’m thinking of you all. Do be kind to yourselves! Don’t forget to check out the special offer for my Witches series!

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  1. Isabella

    Love the new covers, Sharon!
    You made a great decision re: holiday from the computer. Have a fantastic off-line week! LOL
    Isa xx

    1. sharon

      Thanks, Isa. I doubt very much I’ll be offline for a whole week. I reckon if I can keep away for two days I’ll have done brilliantly. The question is, of course, with time to talk to my family members, what the heck will we say? 😂😂😂

  2. Fab update. It’s so easy when you’re self employed to never stop working and you’re so right about taking that time out. It’s one of the things I’m most looking forward to about writing full-time; being able to do a job in 5 days instead of this constant 7. It was a gorgeous day yesterday and today so it’s great you were able to get out for a walk. I’m craving one myself xxx

  3. sharon

    I know! It’s become normal life. Every day I sit at the computer and start work. It’s so unhealthy and has to stop. So glad you’ll be able to cut your working week at last. Not long to go. It will do you the world of good. xxx

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