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  1. D is for dancing! We used to go to a pub quiz with our friends… Mark’s friend used to never get any questions right so he was in charge of going to the bar. As he queued up, the quiz master read out a multiple choice question. Well, I’ve never seen a man run so fast out of a bar queue! He came hurtling through the crowd in the pub with his finger ready to pounce on the Ipad (it was one of those speedquiz things) ‘D IS FOR DANCING’ he shouted to us and everyone who didn’t know the answer… he didn’t know the answer either … he was wrong! But the story stayed with us for ages xx

    1. Thank you! There are far bigger success stories than mine. I’m just getting started really. Five years on and I’ve so much to learn. But I get by, so it is possible. Thanks for dropping by x

  2. Love this post! So much helpful info and delightful explorations I feel like I’ve just had an inspirational coaching session. I’ll certainly be back for more.

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