10 thoughts on “Magic, Meanderings, Music and Minor Miracles ~ Just Your Average Week in Glastonbury!

  1. Lovely, Sharon. I used to do archery and during one tour we did pretty much the same route you took. Brought back happy memories despite being at the mid-way point to Cheddar Gorge when the heavens opened. We didn’t get the wonderful solo in the church, but the pub looks familiar.

    1. Thank you. Glastonbury is quite magical, isn’t it? There’s something quite special about that whole area. Definitely one of my favourite places x

  2. I delayed reading this because you and I were meant to be meeting today and I wanted to hear all about your trip in person. Because that couldn’t happen, it’s been lovely to read this. As always, I could hear your voice and picture your facial expressions as you described it all. You do make me laugh. It was like a page-turner, wondering if you would finally get the inspiration you wanted in the end and I actually heaved a sigh of relief when you did. Can’t wait to read the book and I’m so glad you were able to get away when you did – a week later and it wouldn’t have happened xx

  3. Well, that’s very true. It must have been fate, or the universe, or God, or magic, or a Nissan Note that got us there. 😂 Very relieved to find the answers although, as usual, it’s led to some frantic rewrites. You wouldn’t know about those … 😂😘 xx

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