14 thoughts on “Goodbye 2019, Welcome 2020! A Decade in Pictures

  1. Oh the controversy!
    I rather step into New Year
    To finish any pending stuff
    And consider it to be finish line.

    Keep striking new endeavours in the next decade and create memories.


  2. I can’t seem to work my ‘like’ button anymore. No idea why that’s stopped working! Anyway, love this post and how far you’ve become. Delighted to have played a part in your journey and looking forward to loads more get-togethers in 2020 xx

    1. The “like” button is so temperamental on Apple! I can’t “like” posts with my iPhone at all, and I couldn’t on my MacBook either, but I can on my PC and my Windows laptop. Very frustrating. Thanks for commenting and for being such a big part of my decade! When I was looking through photos you were on loads of them. 🙂 Wonder what’s in store for us this year? Ooh … xx

  3. Bless you, Sharon what a lovely blog post and so inspirational! Your books made me remember how much I loved Yorkshire and finally go back after 30 years! It’s been wonderful to be back and to meet you in real life 😊 Here’s to a fabulous new decade, and hope to see you sometime later in the year! xx

    1. Aw thank you, Isabella. Glad it stirred some happy memories for you. It was amazing to finally meet you in York last September, and how brilliant that you managed to return to Yorkshire for a short while after all this time. Wishing you a very happy New Year, and yes, hope to see you again! xx

  4. I really loved reading this, Sharon. Thank you fir including me (and friends) in the run through of the decade. I ‘found’ you through Facebook and the RNA and I couldn’t have made a kinder or more generous mate. Hope to see one day very soon.

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