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Interview and Book Extract ~ Samantha Henthorn

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As I may have mentioned previously, I’ve opened my blog up to guest posts once more. I haven’t had any friends round for a chat since the last Five Photos feature which was, unbelievably, ten months ago now. Since this site has recently had a spruce up, I thought it was time to be more sociable again. My first guest post is an interview and book extract from author Samantha Henthorn.

Sam has been so lovely and supportive of my books and of this blog. In fact, she was one of my guests on the Five Photos feature, and you can see her contribution here. I’m delighted to welcome her back today, with a well-timed post celebrating the release of her fourth Curmudgeon Avenue novel: The Ghosts of Curmudgeon Avenue. Such a quirky and refreshing idea for a series, I’m currently reading the first and thoroughly enjoying it. I’m sure I’ll love the others, too. With an interview and book extract from her “spirited” new novel, it’s the perfect way to kick off my new feature today, on Halloween, of all days.

Over to Sam.  

Although I do not write in the same genre, I do love to escape into the pages of an uplifting contemporary romance. This is why I am a huge fan of Sharon Booth’s and am honoured to be guest posting this interview and book extract on her blog about my comedy-drama series Curmudgeon Avenue.

I started writing the series in the autumn of 2014, there is a long story here about how I ended up attending a creative writing class at my local library, but as the rusty leaves fell onto my car window and the sun lingered in the sky shining its last of the year, I started my walk down the imaginary avenue that has led me here as an independent author studying for a Creative Writing and English Literature degree.

My situation at the time changed me My previous sunny disposition had turned bitter and disappointed. I now identified with the curmudgeon – how did I cope with this? I read lots, and I wrote about a proud, yet grumpy house who despaired of the residents within its walls and the intertwined lives of the associated people. This house could talk, its walls had ears, and it knew everything. The series is witness narrated or second person modified (rolls eyes…) in short, Curmudgeon Avenue is the one where the house tells the story.

Returning to the autumn theme, this Halloween, Curmudgeon Avenue spits out its fourth instalment The Ghosts of Curmudgeon Avenue. If you’ve ever wondered why your love life is in tatters, ask yourself, could this be because of some unknown meddling force? Could this be the ghosts of Curmudgeon Avenue?

Please enjoy this extract from the first page:

 Chapter 1: A November Funeral

On the day we return to Curmudgeon Avenue for the fourth time, the overcast clouds darkened until the sky sobbed, and the entire population of Whitefield wept. The mourning of Harold, Edith and Edna had been going on for quite some time, some would say for longer than is reasonably necessary. Three fatal household accidents in one day came as quite a shock to the population of this North Manchester town.

     You may be wondering why I, Number One, Curmudgeon Avenue appear to be perturbed about the trio of nincompoop’s departure. Well, before you allow me to explain, I must first console and continue to update you about how the people they left behind are coping. The results have just come in for one resident in particular, and she is not doing well…  

     Imagine Beyonce. Now imagine a Whitefield version of Beyonce dressed by Primark and manicured by Mel’s Gel Nails. Now imagine that same Whitefield Beyonce starring in a budget version of Great Expectations as Miss Havisham, and you have your very own vision of Wantha Rose grieving for Edith Goatshed, a little bit sad about Edna’s passing – but as for Harold’s death? Not so much. 

     ‘Are you ready, Wantha?’ Patchouli shouted through the letterbox of her old house. Today, there was no need for Miss Rose to find her lip liner, Wantha was wearing a full face covering black veil.

     ‘Innit’ Wantha said quietly as she locked the front door, and then flopped into the back seat of Gil Von Black’s Porsche. Tears and snot streamed down her face as the streets flitted by outside the car window, they approached the crematorium and the large group of mourners that had gathered for today’s triple funeral.

I would be thrilled to bits if you would follow me on my blog .

Click here to find details of my other books, including the ones in this series. The Ghosts of Curmudgeon Avenue will be published on Halloween (Thursday) and, if you hurry, you can get books two and three in the series FREE.

The other three books are:

Curmudgeon Avenue; The Terraced House Diaries (Book One).

After a freak accident involving an elephant, the characters are introduced in this novella. Sisters Edna and Edith return to Curmudgeon Avenue and revel in romance, drama, laughter and disagreements.

The Harold and Edith Adventures (Curmudgeon Avenue Book Two)

Much to Edna’s disapproval, Harold and Edith’s relationship blossoms. Edna runs away to France with her partner Genevieve. After an accidental marriage proposal at a pub quiz, Edith is left to plan her own wedding without her sister. Her son’s on/off girlfriend Wantha comes to the rescue.

Edna and Genevieve Escape From Curmudgeon Avenue. (Curmudgeon Avenue Book Three)

Genevieve’s return allows Edna to realise her long-held dream of living in France. But as Edna embraces all things European, Genevieve shies away from her French roots. Meanwhile, on Curmudgeon Avenue, Genevieve’s adopted son Matteo returns with his own set of secrets.

You can also find me on Goodreads.

The Curmudgeon Avenue series has at least two more books yet to be written. As for me, I plan to continue reading and writing. Thanks a million, Sharon for allowing me to go on with myself on your blog.

Happy reading everyone,

Samantha xx

It was my absolute pleasure, Sam. Thank you for such an entertaining interview and book extract. Good luck!

About Samantha Henthorn

Samantha Henthorn lives happily in Bury, near Manchester, UK, with her fabulous husband and wonderfully gorgeous grownup daughter, two cats and one dog. She used to be a registered nurse, but had to accept early retirement due to health issues.
She studied creative writing and has been writing full time since 2014. Samantha writes (and reads) every day, yet still finds time to work on her Creative Writing and English Literature degree (as well as listening to heavy metal music).
Samantha’s genres are comedy-drama and historical fiction. She currently has seven books available on Amazon, including the Curmudgeon Avenue series. 
Book cover for Samantha Henthorn's latest novel, The Ghosts of Curmudgeon Avenue
Don’t forget, Books 2 and 3 in the series are FREE right now, but not for long! You can buy The Ghosts of Curmudgeon Avenue here.

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