6 thoughts on “Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness … and Mess!

  1. Hi Sharon sorry I’m team love Autumn/Winter, for me it symbolises the cooler weather coming in, I am not a hot weather girl maybe I was a vampire in another life?

    I’m with you on the memories though, conkers and clackers ( I was an expert at those LOL) and the crimped hose whirly thing our dog destroyed the end of ours but it managed to make its annoying noise (though we loved it at the time I think ours was bright orange like the spacehopper).

    Very much looking forward to you Christmas read I am putting it on my TBR list to read closer to the festive season. Wrap up warm and thanks for the memories ~~~<<@

    1. I’m not at all surprised you’re not on my side over this. I’ll be amazed if anyone is. I seem to be alone in finding autumn overrated and depressing. 😁 Thanks very much for buying my book. I hope you enjoy it. And thanks for reading and commenting x

  2. Ha ha ha. This made me laugh, especially the ooh matron bit! As you know, I’m team autumn/winter. I love spring too but I can’t cope with really hot weather when I have to work. And, being enormous, I’d rather wrap in thick clothes to hide my bulk and you can’t do that in summer xx

    1. Oh, I absolutely knew you’d disagree! 😂 Call yourself a friend … 😂
      I totally agree about the clothes bit, obviously, but come on, spring’s rarely that hot and it’s all fresh and promising. Autumn’s just – bleak. And damp. And miserable. And dark. Ugh!
      Wonder if there’s anyone who agrees with me? Not looking hopeful is it? 🤔🤔🤔

  3. Can you believe that over the summer holidays we had to learn the whole of Keats’s Ode to Autumn off by heart. Now, I have a good memory and didn’t find it too hard, but everyone is so blessed. LOL. Mind you, the poem has stayed with me and chunks of it float in and out of my mind during autumn.

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