14 thoughts on “Holidays, Book News, and Afternoon Tea.

  1. It was a shame we missed each other at the York Tea but will catch up soon. Looking forward to reading another festive book. Hope steroid jabs work so you can write pain free x

  2. It’s great to get away for a few days isn’t it! Lovely pictures. So glad you had such a good, relaxing time. I wish I could have joined you all at the York tea, but it’s a bit far for me! Congratulations on the forthcoming new release, it sounds wonderful!

  3. Enjoyed your blog Sharon. I used to be a “helper” in Bear’s Pad when Jessica, my daughter had it. With regards to your shoulder. I had problems with my shoulder a few years ago and the steroid injections, of which I had several, did help. Eventually I had a shoulder replacement operation in January 2014 and have never looked back. Of course, you may not have to resort to that.
    Many of the places you enjoy visiting are favourites of ours too.
    You can’t beat North Yorkshire and the Lake District for beauty and of course County Durham is lovely too. I was a County Durham lass in my formative years but didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now.
    Every success with your new releases later in the year. I look forward to reading them.

  4. It’s been great to finally meet you in person, Sharon, and thank you for the mention. Lovely blog as usual, looking forward to reading those new books!
    Also I enjoyed reading about your latest trip. Coming back to Yorkshire after so many years has only made me want to visit again soon. It’s such a beautiful county. Hope your shoulder will be treated soon xx

  5. I’M A BIT LATE GETTING HERE SHARON, HAVING BEEN DELAYED EN ROUTE BY THE DREADED TAX RETURN. ALMOST THERE, NOW. (oops, caps lock). It was great spending time with you last week at the York Tea and we are looking forward to you and Jessica coming thru to Leicester one day soon. I think your new study looks amazing. Funny what you said about your new chairs not being as comfortable as your old one. My old one has gone to the tip but my new one is giving me a bit of back ache. Go figure. Anywho, great blog post as usual, good luck with the writing.

  6. Haha, thought you were shouting at me then, Lizzie! We’re really looking forward to visiting Leicester and attending a meeting of the famous Belmont Belles. I have every sympathy with you about the chair. I’ve currently got both in my office right now as I’m afraid to part with the first in case even the steroid jabs don’t help. The new one LOOKS much nicer but … anyway, the husband was going to take my old one to work with him but he’s having to wait until I make a decision. Can’t wait for the injection so I can start feeling normal again. Fingers crossed. Thanks for commenting and for your support, as always. xx

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