17 thoughts on “#NewBook #CoverReveal ~ Back to Castle Clair

  1. Like it? I love everything about it! Gorgeous cover, wonderful blurb – so looking forward to this one…

  2. Ooh, I do love a bourbon biscuit so let’s hope they don’t run out! I’d already seen the cover and loved it but this is my first sight of the blurb and it sounds amazing. Loved the first one and can’t wait to immerse myself in this one. Congratulations you xxx

    1. Thanks, Jessica! I’m probably the only person in the world who doesn’t like bourbon biscuits, haha! Glad you liked the blurb. Not as easy to write as you imagine they will be, are they? xx

  3. Just off to have a lie down in a darkened room, swooning at your productivity. Great cover and blurb, I mean to have all my covers re-done before I finish #6. Have kinda got sidetracked into preparing workshops instead. I need to focus …

    1. Ooh, look forward to seeing what your new covers are like, Lizzie! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who hates bourbon biscuits. Yuk!

  4. Lovely cover! Congratulations – the blurb is really enticing, and I know what you mean about the blurb being harder to write than the book – I have the same problem! I’ve met the talented Berni Stevens a couple of trimes and she’s done such a great job on your cover!

    1. Thank you, Hywela. Yes, she’s really good, isn’t she? She’s done six for me now, and I love them all. So lucky to have found her! xx

  5. Great cover, title & blurb, Sharon. Berni really is a talented designer. Another winner of a story, I’m sure. Looking forward to reading it. Xx

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