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Looking Forward to Spring ~ A March Catch-Up

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It’s been a while since I last posted on here, and for that I can only apologise. It’s been a strange few weeks in our family. February was pretty grim for reasons I won’t go into, and I’ve really struggled to write personal stuff when I’ve had so much on my mind. The thing about blogging is that, unlike novels, it’s really all about the writer and what’s going on with them – unless the post is about a specific subject, obviously – but on this blog I tend to just chat. So when I’m feeling a bit sad I don’t really want to spread that around, hence the “radio silence”.

February was short but it left its mark


While I’ve been keeping away from this blog, though, I have been busy writing. Book Two in The Witches of Castle Clair series is coming on very quickly. I’ve reached the final act and I’m heading towards a resolution. It has a title and a cover! The lovely Berni Stevens has designed me a smashing cover that’s very much in the style of Belle, Book and Christmas Candle, and I can’t wait to see the final version of it.

Well … there’s a witch and a cat, but this isn’t the cover. Honest!

It’s been a bit of a twisty road with this book, as something happened midway that I wasn’t expecting. It really threw a spanner in the works and I had to tear up my plot notes and rethink the whole thing. That delayed me a little. Or a lot. To be honest, when the revelation came I was so surprised that I wasn’t sure what to do. Should I delete it and go back to my original storyline? Or should I go with it and see where it led me? I posed the question on my Facebook page and the overwhelming response was, “Go with it!” So I did, but I’ll admit it left me stumped for a while.

What writers look like when they’re thinking. In case you were wondering.

My “leetle grey cells” had to put in plenty of overtime, which came as a nasty shock to them, I can tell you. There was a lot of protesting, some alarming creaking noises, a shower of dust and a weird grinding sound, but in the end they got to work. The result is that the book is slightly different to the one I thought I was writing, but I think it’s even stronger, and it’s been a lot of fun to write!

And in other news, while I was leaving my grey cells to get on with it, I was busy putting This Other Eden and Being Emerald into one volume. The Skimmerdale collection is now available on Kindle and it’s a lot cheaper than buying the two novels separately. I intend to do “box sets” for all my series when they’re finished, and I’m also planning to do a “first in series” box set, too.

I’m ever-so-slightly chuffed with this!

The next thing to think about is paperbacks. So far, only Resisting Mr Rochester, Saving Mr Scrooge, Baxter’s Christmas Wish and Belle, Book and Christmas Candle are available in paperback, but by the end of the year I hope most of my books will have print editions. It may be tricky to provide paperback copies of the Skimmerdale novels, particularly Being Emerald, because they’re so long and the books would be quite expensive. It will depend on how many (if any) books I sell of the others. I would definitely like to get all my books into audio, though.

Hopefully, it will soon be a much higher pile!

I’m already planning ahead for Christmas. Baxter will be getting a new cover and will be the first in a new Christmassy series – but that’s a story for another time.

As you can see, I may not have been blogging on here, but I have been busy! And every Friday you can find me over on the Yorkshire Rose Writers blog, where Jessica Redland and I have a regular date with WordPress. This week’s post featured, witches, the Yorkshire Wolds, making teddy bears and our favourite non-romance novels, as well as plenty more subjects. I hope you’ll join us.

It’s been great to get out and about in the unseasonal sunshine during the last few weeks. My heart always lifts when I see the daffodils, and although it’s chilly here today, the skies are still blue and spring is officially around the corner. I’m keeping everything crossed that March will be a kinder month than February.

I was going to do a spring pose but this girl had already done one so …

I’ll be posting more details about Castle Clair 2 on here as soon as I can, including the cover reveal.

In the meantime, have a great week.

Sharon xxx

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  1. I’m not surprised you haven’t felt like blogging after the tough month you’ve had. Glad you’ve worked your way through the unexpected plot twist. I was very excited when you told me what it was and I think it will have made a great book excellent xx

  2. sharon

    Thank you, Jessica. Fingers crossed it all works out! xx

  3. Julie Dexter

    You have been busy! Lots of exciting things in regards to your writing and your books. Excellent! But sorry to hear about the difficult February. I hope all has settled in regards to that. Happy approaching Spring. Smile like the daffies!

    1. sharon

      What a lovely comment, Julie! Thank you. I hope your spring is wonderful, too.

      1. Julie Dexter

        Thank you! I’m in Vermont, so spring is still a long ways away! Haha!

      2. sharon

        You get your real spring weather around May time, don’t you? But you live in such a beautiful part of the world I’m sure it’s stunning all year round. xx

      3. Julie Dexter


  4. Hywela Lyn

    Sorry to hear February was so difficult for you – I do hope things are better now. I can relate to the ‘book twist’ My current WIP had stalled and it was only when I realised that I needed to completely restructure/rewrite it, that I found the solution to the main sticking point. Spring does seem to have sprung as far as the daffodils and other spring flowers are concerned, but the weather has changed again so I hope they dont suffer too much. Good luck with all the things you’re so busy with! x

    1. sharon

      Glad you’ve managed to find a solution to your WIP issues. We do learn a lot of problem-solving skills, don’t we? Yes, this morning it’s pouring down with rain here. Not very spring-like at all, unfortunately. But that’s March for you, and hopefully it will go out like a lamb … Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Hywela. x

  5. Voinks

    I uploaded my latest book to Amazon to coincide with my birthday on the 15th February; yeah, easy, peasy. πŸ˜€ Next the paperback, couple of hours, sorted- er no. Amazon gremlins decided to be difficult, so obviously the world and his wife decided this was the time to come up with all the personal, frustrating, life-things to make concentration impossible, so I do understand where you’re coming from, Sharon.
    Never mind, authors and bloggers are a resilient bunch, and when we manage to escape to Narnia, can rule the world. If we can solve plot holes and tame unruly characters Spring is just around the corner. Welcome back, Sharon and good luck. x

    1. sharon

      Ah, the dreaded paperback gremlins! Always something to look forward to … We are resilient, though, you’re absolutely right about that. We don’t have much choice, do we? πŸ™‚ Thank you for commenting. Hope your paperbacks are sorted out now.

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